An artistic image featuring a black butterfly with distinctive golden spots on its wings, poised at the center of a swirling vortex of golden and red particles. The butterfly appears to be emerging from the vortex, symbolizing transformation and rebirth, resonating with themes of dynamic change and natural beauty.

The Ruby Mirror, 2024 Anniversary Collection

Potent Literary Elixirs Strategically Released to Activate the REDSHIFT Renaissance

Your Secret Codex of Desires, red, gold, black and blossoming. Open it.

Open Your Secret Codex of Desire to Rescue Your Dreams

By Rebecka Eggers | April 1, 2019

Oh sure, you have touched its sanguine heart. You have even rested for moments at a time in its folds, riven with sumptuous delight. But when it comes to possessing it, the obstacles FEEL insurmountable. No wonder your shoulders ache all the time. You are burdened endlessly by hopelessness, fear, numbness, rage, frustration, and above all, a sense of being righteously excluded from paradise. It does not have to be this way!

An evocative image captures a figure in a voluminous teal gown standing within a golden-rimmed circular portal, which acts as a threshold between a bleak, frozen landscape and a burst of vibrant, life-affirming energy. The red and gold particles seem to be drawing her into a dance of transformation, symbolizing a powerful emergence from stasis to vitality.

Remember: You Are a Wild & Joyous Occasion Waiting to Unfurl Its Wings

By Rebecka Eggers | July 4, 2018

Today you are a wild and joyous occasion waiting to unfurl its wings. You cannot forget this in the face of travesty. You cannot look these times in the eye and then let them win. You cannot allow this moment in history to clip your wings. You must begin to dream again. Learn why and how.

An artistic representation of a woman's face in profile appears in the mirror, emanating tranquility in the process of metamorphosis. She is covered by delicate black butterflies with golden accents, set against a rich tapestry of red flora and dark, ornate patterns. The surrounding fiery motifs suggest the presence of magic and the spirit, while a serene white sun in the smoky sky, symbolizing the steady presence of hope during dawning of a new era. This image artistically embodies the essence of renewal and newfound belonging.

Free Woman, Rooted in Belonging: Awakening Journey

By Rebecka Eggers | April 26, 2018

When you belong, you do not take succor with those who mean to exploit you with a shilling’s worth of “love.” You do not bow your eyes at the first sign of trouble either. Instead, you hold that sense of belonging as a warrior’s truth. This can be your truth too! Read more.

A clock undergoing a redshift that is liberating us from the trap of time.

Redshifted Time: Breaking Free of Trauma’s Temporal Traps

By Rebecka Eggers | December 9, 2017

No! You have to do it now. The systems of trauma will never make time for you to break apart the trauma structures, though they might finally break you down so there isn’t any other choice.

A circular mirror with an ornate golden frame showcases a central black silhouette of a woman's profile. The background within the mirror consists of vertical black lines that blend into a radiant golden weave resembling a spotlight on the right, while fluid, red patterns flow at the bottom. The mirror rests on a dark surface with scattered golden specks, against a textured, dark red background.

Weaving Twilight: A Journey of Contrasts and Hope

By Rebecka Eggers | November 22, 2017

So, here I stand at this loom, thread by thread, surrendering my identity to the warp tension that holds the tender fabric of my new identity. Join me!

A vibrant, red-cloaked figure stands before a circular mirror set in a desolate desert landscape. The mirror reflects an alternate reality, where the ground is covered in a rich tapestry of reds, suggesting life and transformation. The stark contrast between the barren desert and the lush reflection symbolizes potential change and empowerment.

Reviving Womanhood: Activate the Power of Renewal

By Rebecka Eggers | November 13, 2017

Live! Wake up dry bones of my abandoned faith. Move remnants of me! Dance to the sound of my spirit voice. Come alive and give me shelter.

A transformative moment at the threshold of spiritual awakening is depicted, where a figure in a flamboyant, multicolored dress stands within a circular portal or mirror. From the portal, a cascade of red and golden particles bursts forth, symbolizing the birth of a 'rainbow bridge.' This vibrant energy appears to be interacting with the surrounding barren landscape, hinting at the beginning of a profound change. The figure, poised at the portal's edge, embodies the readiness to embark on a journey of sudden enlightenment, representing a beacon of hope and renewal as the awakening's influence begins to materialize into the world.

Crossing the Rainbow Bridge: Embrace the Experience of Sudden Awakening

By Rebecka Eggers | November 4, 2017

If the rainbow bridge appears, cross it. Become the hands and feet of this great mystery, the legacy bearer of the Eternal Blessing Force. Unleash the magic within and shepherd this world through the valley of the shadow of death.

Antique-style book cover with an ornate design and a central magnifying glass revealing vividly colored pencil tips, symbolizing the power of writing to unlock change.

Legacy of Triumph: Forging the Victory Myths of a New Era

By Rebecka Eggers | October 29, 2017

You have inside of you the power of speech, the resonance of your voice, the endowment of a beautiful, graceful tomorrow that exceeds your wildest dreams. Speak. Write the myths of victory for this age.

An open arched doorway reveals a round mirror framed by golden hues on a wall with peeling red and gold paint, reflecting the image of a person with a dual black and white painted face, fingers touching at the chin in a gesture of introspection

Seven Signs You Might Be a Dream Alchemist

By Rebecka Eggers | October 15, 2017

We are living in extraordinary times, ripe with opportunity and full of risk. Right now the driving narrative is one of division and distress. Someone has to take hold of the base metal in this cultural storyline and turn it into the gold of a hopeful future. Are you called to this work? Find out!

An image of a woman wearing a black and white mask inside a gold mirror held in the center of a white and red lotus flower.

Beyond the Mirror’s Distortions

By Rebecka Eggers | August 26, 2017

The mirror you think you see in the events of your life is one big fat lie. It does not reflect who you are, at least not directly. It reflects what was done to you. It reveals the seeds planted in your soul by the painful events of your formative years (and compounded like interest with each passing loss). In short, this mirror echoes all the ways in which, over time, in the face of your pain, you broke with yourself.