Bypass it Baby!

Image Credit: Deposit Photos Image Number: 4652765.
Image Credit: Deposit Photos Image Number: 4652765.

The rainbow is one of the most profound kabbalistic symbols for visionary consciousness. It expresses the manner in which cognition arises as human perception realizes its intrinsic bond with Divinity. 

∞ David Chaim Smith

I am calling you to deliverance.

You were made for grander things.

Who made up this rule that says you have to stay here and parse the misery of this place, this situation, these people?

Why do you have to inhale suffering and sup with cruelty?

To avoid the accusation that you have not done your time in hell?

So this world will deem you deep, mysterious, acceptably bound?

Sullied enough to be relatable?


This is not what the world needs of you no matter how loudly it proclaims a hunger for someone it can recognize as its own.

This is not how the arc of this story bends.

And so, I say to you now with a heart full of glee and eyes full of sobriety:

If the rainbow bridge appears cross it!

Wave a sweet goodbye as you glide on over.

Don't stop to account for all the sad faces you will betray during your fanciful dance with paradise. Don't pause to consider the guilt you should feel for never, ever begging again.

Let the light and its refraction though glory carry you away.

Why not?

I mean, honestly, faith has no purpose other than to make YOU challenge the realness of the world.

Otherwise you could just go to Costco and get your necessities off the shelf at a wholesale price...

Buy Belief in God Half-Off.

Oh, but you are STILL in luck!

No one has yet figured out how to bottle magic and sell it in bulk. Magic can't be owned.

It has to come from you. Magic has to emanate from the depth of your creativity, from the heart of your knowing.

And if suffering is all you ever contemplate...

Well, let me put this as plain as I can: There is no point in having the ability to pretzel-tie reality if your mind is stuck in the gutter all the time.

Trust me. Slip-knotted sewer is not the magical destination you desire.

So, I will say it again...

If the rainbow bridge appears, cross it.

Don't just do it for yourself though. Do it for us all.

Do it because this moment in history has anguish on tap. Do it in defiance of those who would have you give up your sparkle for some cold-stone reality (as defined by them).

Do it because someone has to understand miracles, and even better, learn how to work them.

Just imagine what you could do with all that clarity, with eyes that can see through the illusions backing up injustice and hands that can heal the sickness sparking an epidemic of isms.

Yes my starry-eyed sister, do it.

Lay your burdens down.

Let go of your suffering.

Cross into the eternal embrace of Divine Love.

Become the hands and feet of this great mystery.

Sprinkle healing stardust from on high as you shepherd this world through the valley of the shadow of death.

Why should you fear evil when you know the truth, when you have been raptured into majesty?

We need for you to do this, not to escape the "reality" of this life, but to mitigate it.

We need you to take this journey and never return, not so you can leave your body and abandon this barren land, but so that, with one single touch, you can revive its fertility.

And with this revival, bring hope and a future for us all.

So come!

Bypass the devastation.

Walk right past the ten car pile up of misery that requires you to sacrifice your greatness for a merit badge of belonging.

Skip straight past the long line of aspirants that tell you a lifetime of contemplation is required to touch the Divine.

Waltz right on over that rainbow bridge and into being the solution for a world on spiritual life support.

You my dear, are oxygen to an air-starved circumstance. You are fuel to a passionate fire that has forgotten how to burn.

There is no time to waste hiding behind miscreant masks that mimic the ordinary.

You are Faith's child, the legacy bearer of the Eternal Blessing Force.

Reveal yourself. Your time is NOW!

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