Legacy of Triumph: Forging the Victory Myths of a New Era

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You can find men and women on every corner, bullhorn in hand, shouting their stories of anguish and victimization. And those stories are true. Every single one of them is true. I have no doubt. There is absolutely no shortage of sorrow and degradation in this world. Like rotten food wreaking havoc in our bellies, these stories must come out. I know this.

But these stories of agony must come out on purpose, with purpose, submitted to the work of a better tomorrow.

They must come out as something more than violation and exclusion amplified and multiplied. Because if anguish is the best we can do, we will have failed in the most significant aspect of myth-making:

A Legacy of Increase.

We will have left to our children, instead, a legacy of desolation.

Here Me Now!

When all we ever do is tell the stories of our devastation we initiate our children into a future that looks worse than the past.

I will not stand by and watch this happen.

I am here to call up the promised inheritance of greatness our children are due.

To lay the foundation for a transforming discussion of myth, I offer this quote from Joseph Campbell:

Myths are the mental supports of rites; rites the physical enactments of myths. By absorbing the myths of his social group and participating in rites, the youngster is structured to accord with his social as well as natural environment, and turned from an amorphous nature product, prematurely born, into a defined and competent member of some specific, efficiently functioning social order.

Quoted in Coming Alive!, a Book About Spirituality, Activism, and Living Passionately in the Age of Global Domination

I am going to boldly state to you right now that we are building terminator seeds into our culture at this moment in history.

We are structuring our children according to the fractured ethos of injustice as we tell story after story of death with no regeneration. Or if there is regeneration in the story, it is the seed child of force, of the hero or heroine standing victorious on the mountain having put down evil.

Evil put down with evil is assured a rebirth.

In this mythology we are creating, you are never called to transform, not in spite of what is, but because of it, in tandem with it.

You are never tasked with bringing that transformation through as the healing rites and mythologies that can empower our society towards integration and wholeness.

In the death-dealing mythologies of our modern world, you never touch the true alchemy of story.

Perhaps against the odds, you are able to change your own life. Maybe you are able to rise from the ashes in a personalized version of the Phoenix and its fabled eruption into fire and newness. Maybe one day you are even able to come to peace, to put down your own bullhorn, and retire your stories of victimization.

But you never think to move from the personal to the collective. You never consider that your personal story of transformation is not really for you alone. It is for this world.

You somehow never realize that your story is meant to make a rite of passage from the center devastation to the stunning brilliance of souls afire with the light of passion and possession. Your own significance eludes you.

You never imagine that the expression of what you have been through and who you have become contain the life-giving seeds that can overtake the sinister stillness of the fallow ground left behind by life and death that offers nothing more, no encore, no legacy, no new buds for tomorrow.

You never dare to become the solution for someone else.

And so your victory becomes just another terminator seed.

Its potential dies with you or else it seeds only the tiniest of plots.

It never blossoms into destiny.

This waste of potential stops today!

I am here to charge you with responsibility. It is your job to create the myths of victory for this age.

I am here to call you up out of the temptation to care only about your own halcyon dream.

I am here to call you by your real name.

You are the messenger.

You are Love's heroine, your hands overflowing with the richness of life.

You are the hero with the power to change the direction of this world.

You have the word seeds in you that can blossom inside the hearts of thousands as they search for the light you know how to birth from the darkness of your core.

You have inside of you the power of speech, the resonance of your voice, the endowment of a beautiful, graceful tomorrow that far exceeds your wildest imaginations. You have this in you for this world that is doing its best to die on vines that will never bear fruit again.

Your story is meant to let others possess the land where milk and honey flow like rivers from the high places.

Come! Let us tell this story of grit, glory, and grace unending. Let us plumb the depths of the mud and muck that turned you into radiance.

Come forth revealing FOR THE WORLD the mysteries of healing and the fruits of power locked inside of YOU.

I am handing you the key. Unlock yourself. You are the treasure. You are needed.

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