Seven Signs You Might Be a Dream Alchemist

© Rebecka Eggers, 2016, All Rights Reserved
© Rebecka Eggers, 2016, All Rights Reserved

We are living in extraordinary times, ripe with opportunity and full of risk. Right now the driving narrative is one of division and distress. Someone has to take hold of the base metal in this cultural storyline and turn it into the gold of a hopeful future.

Are you called to this work?

Here are seven signs you might be:

Number 1: You know in the marrow of your bones that you must shatter the mask of who you are NOT in the name of your destiny.

Up until now you have gotten away with it!

You have been able to hide behind the mask of your weakness. Hell, it has even been working for you, especially when you layer a coat of bravado over your tears.

Consequently, you are surrounded by people who love to dial into the drama of your distress and the action figure camouflage of your blusterous narrative.

In fact, this is the only experience of attention you have.

If no one felt sorry for you—yes, even when you are playing the part of the intrepid warrior the whole thing is built on sympathy for the victim—who would even notice you at all?


Someone new, of course!

Someone who can't see you now behind your maudlin mask and your braggadocio.

But there is a catch!

You will have to survive the great chasm of silence you are going to experience between the amplification of your distress and the multiplication of your magnificence. It will feel terminal.

Because it will be!

But let's be honest here. The life you built from behind your disguise is already on life support. You are bored silly and worn-out tired of its limitations. Plus the world is going down hard and you know it (even if you suspect a subsequent rise).

You also know that you have a part to play in this moment and it isn't a bit part either. It's a staring role vibrant with meaning and rich with purpose.

You are the courageous superheroine yearning to discard the lie of your disguise.

Neither your sad face nor your power poses reflect your true superpower: the brilliance of your inner light shining truth for this chaotic age.

Honestly, you were cast for this moment eons ago.

This is why you are here with your dream in your hand and a hunger for more that is driving you nearly to madness with the overwhelming power of desire.

Everything else has been pretense, a grand distraction, a place to hide while the truth of your destiny was building up on the inside. Finally, you are ready to unleash it.

You will stop at nothing to destroy your hiding place.

Number 2: You see the seeds of your purpose buried in the pain of your past and you are desperate to provoke them to blossom.

You did not suffer in vain!

But you have been a long-time tourist in the place of torment. You know it well. You understand its ways.

You also understand how it feeds you. You know the way it carves into your veins and delivers a rush of what feels like nourishment.

You are very clear how you have relied on this watered-down, poison-laced, sugar-coated deception to survive. Without the little bumps it gave you along the way, you might not be here today.

And that right there is why you have been ordained for the purpose of this moment.

If you didn't understand how hard it is to let go of something-is-better-than-nothing, you would not be positioned to lead this glorious movement.

But you do know!

Yet, knowing this truth is not your finishing act. It is the opening curtain on a vast production the limitless horizons of which you cannot, from your current vantage point, even imagine.

Right now, you are ripe for a new understanding.

You are ready for what is next. The story you WILL tell is not the story of your suffering.

You WILL lead the victorious to victory.

You will light the lamps of overcoming so this world can see the path forward.

The seeds of your destiny are bursting to blossom. And they will.

In this season, they will.

You will.

Number 3: You know that this world is starving for what you have on the inside of you and you MUST pour it out.

You have felt this hunger welling up all around you for years.

Your ears are on alert to the sound of rumbling spirit belly's yearning to be filled. This vacant sound stirs something inside of you. Your gift wants to answer. Your destiny rises up.

Yet, when you respond to the call, to the grumbling need, no one is there. Demand goes into hiding. Pride takes its place at the door.

Until now, the flow of your gift has always seemed to encounter stubborn dam after stubborn dam.

But that was yesterday!

And besides, your ears were ahead of their time.

Today, the shiny veneer of normalcy is shattering right in front of you. Before it's over, having it all figured out might just fool around and go right on out of style.

In all sincerity, the low-grade growl of a hollow craving is about to become the crashing boom of desolate wandering.

So shake off those midnight runs into refusal.

Leave behind your disappointment.

Dry your tears.

And get ready.

When the rush of need comes, few will know how to meet it. Even fewer will be in position.

The final preparations will be demanding. Rigor is required. There is no time to lose.

Pay no mind!

If you are called, you are called. Rise-up and square your shoulders. Call upon grace.

And set the table for way more than one!

Number 4: You know passion and pleasure as the twin flames of your destiny and you can see them standing as a commandment in the midst of the present chaos.

Anguished cries are going out from the deep all around you.

Some of them are yours.

But you can't take these agonies very seriously anymore.

It isn't that the subject matter isn't deadly serious or that you don't feel what you feel all the way down to your toes. You do. In point of fact, it isn't even that nothing bad is happening in your life right now. I mean just open your eyes.


You have seen glimpses of a deeper truth.

You can see the potential of a world bound together in pleasure and passion. You are on fire to bring it through, to bear it first in your body, and then to see it spread from the tips of your fingers to everything you ever touch.

You are keen to see the joy of loving afterglow light up every face in town.

You are not alone! Passion and pleasure are standing like giants in the midst of the rubble, at the core of this wild, chaotic band.

There isn't even a smattering of doubt in their faces. They are full of faith and ready for grace.

Can't you feel yourself snapping to their command?

In their presence, hope is rising up in you like a fountain.

This rushing Scarlet Evolution just might tear out across the flatlands, over the hills, through the fiber optic cables, around the bend...

You are desperate to get in on this, to make it your own. You want more than a glimpse. You are ready to receive way more than a dollop.

In fact, you want heaping buckets full pouring through your palms, cascading over your fingers, ravishing the land.

The Sweet Milk!

Don't be shy. You want soft silken touch and gold spun threads dancing in the soft glow of your fire lit soul. You are crying out for carnal riches beyond imagination and spiritual gold in greater measure than you can hold. You are yearning for the sweetness of ripe strawberries dribbling down your chin as if to say, "YES."

Yes to your dream bursting with life.

Go on.

Say it.



Number 5: The fiery breath of Spirit is caressing your lips & you are about to inhale. Pure inspiration!

Divine love is no longer some distant idea.

It is an ever-present temptation calling you deeper, deeper, deeper into creativity. It is closing in on you like a shawl, warm and glistening with new possibilities. Divine Passion is whispering to you about the magic you could make together.

Like a lover, Spirit is seducing you with the promise of your own magnificent expression joined with the Light.

Suddenly your words are sparking with the power of life; coming alive in the windswept air around you. Like stars, they shimmer in the night.

Yet you know you have only touched the surface of your potential. You don't quite trust this move of Divinity (or yourself), not just yet.

But you can feel the Spirit hovering over your lips, softly enveloping you in the sweet, tantalizing scent of roses. Your airways are pregnant with anticipation. You are standing on the edge of your desire, ready, poised, waiting to inhale the alchemy of holiness (wholeness). Pure, unmitigated inspiration!

Number 6: You are done fooling around. It's time to LIVE!

What does that even mean?

Especially at a time like this? Are we talking champagne at noon and chocolate-covered strawberries for breakfast?

Only if it serves your purpose and makes you smile.

To LIVE for you is to emerge from the cocoon of your transformation as the answer, the solution for someone else. It means leaving a legacy that will go on nourishing this world long after you have moved on to new things, vastly different experiences, a whole new landscape.

To LIVE is to go on finding vast array after vast array of challenges that require your particular brand of genius and to be in love with your life top to bottom, east to west, north to south, not in spite of challenging times, but for them.

To LIVE is to take off that mask we talked about and step out onto the stage of your life as power and passion unbridled, compassion unrivaled, and LOVE spilling over.

Number 7: You know you need a dream catcher.

You have done life on your own for so long.

You are a pro at picking yourself up off the cold stone floor of your aloneness and carrying on. Your faith, if matched obstacle for obstacle, is legendary. You just can't see it.

You also can't always see your need. I am here to tell you: Destroying this disguise is delicate work. It's one thing to hold glory on the mountain or deep in the hollows of transformation. But to walk in it? That's another matter.

This will require so much of you. Sometimes you will need fingers enlaced with fingers and a steady voice calling you through each contraction. You will need the assurance of an experienced hand.

And I can see from here it won't be long now. The birthing bricks are calling to you. Your belly is beginning to tell. Your dream will be born into this world and you will be born into it.


In Closing

Don't just come because the call is sexy, or even because you have a dream. If you have heard this call in the depths of your heart, in the heat of your belly, come because you are primed to show up in this world as the answer to this age of madness, a vessel for wholeness, a voice of Love to counter the sirens and their haunting, seductive call towards devastation.

We can't do this without you! The time is NOW!

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