It has long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them.
They went out and happened to things.
∞ Leonardo de Vinci

You Are a History Maker. You Have a Critical Part to Play!

Now Make Sure You Play the Part You Were Born to Play!

Not the One You Are "Supposed" to Play.

Begin with this Critical Video Message from Rebecka Eggers, The Dream Midwife™!

Which Door Will You Open?

Which Path Will You Choose?

Claim the Power ...

This is the path of the Goldsmith who deploys her creativity to skillfully turn the wheel of destiny in accordance with her purpose. She also employs the power of principle-centered choice.

The Goldsmith moulds her life in accordance with her true value and her true values. In so doing she becomes such a powerful presence of pleasure and impact that her very existence challenges everyone around her to rise to new heights and to reach for MORE. The Goldsmith leads by her example and her essence changes the atmosphere wherever she goes. She is gold and she knows it. She acts accordingly. The Goldsmith invites you to do the same. Her presence insists!

This is the path of the Dream Alchemist who uses her unrelenting passion for her dream to confront the systemic and personal limitations that obscure her true value and hide her true potential. She uses the power of inner light to finally see and reveal herself. Along the way, she becomes the lamp of hope, illuminating the path to liberation for generations to come.

Ultimately, the Dream Alchemist wields the powers of rock solid identity and self definition to shine as a beacon of truth in a world struggling to overcome the lies of oppression. She then meticulously distills the essence of her experience becoming the embodied solution via the mediums of art, music, and the WORD. Like the alchemists of old, the Dream Alchemist will leave a legacy of transformation for other seekers to follow.

This is the path of the Way Shower who becomes, and then transmits, the change she hopes to see in the world through embodied storytelling and through the vehicle of commerce. She comes alive as her dream.

The Way Shower uses the power of her experience, the strength of her essence, and the depth of her wisdom to forge ahead and into the reality she was born to live. She crafts the products, services, myths, and arts that open the potential for us to build thriving, meaningful lives that reflect THE KEY. Through her gifts she will ultimately open the door to a new way of being together on this planet and invite others to cross this threshold with her.