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Inspired Living, Learning, and Earning

For Lionhearted, Passionate Warriors with BIG DREAMS Who Are Hell Bent on Happening to History

Get the Key to Your Customized Passion Path So You Can:

To the Elation of Seizing Creative Mastery & Exerting Strong Influence

Go from Frustrated & Trapped in Creative Malfunction

To the Thrill of Being Visibly HERE & Active in Your Purpose

Go from HIDDEN BY the Dreary Mask of Your Pain & Your Overbearing Trauma

To the Triumphant Experience of Embodying Solutions & Leading Others

Go from Failing to Launch Your Business & Aching to Contribute

It has long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them.
They went out and happened to things.
∞ Leonardo de Vinci

You Are a History Maker. You Have a Critical Part to Play!

Now Make Sure You Play the Part You Were Born to Play!

Not the One this Ludicrous, Twisted World Says You Are "Supposed" to Play.

Begin with this Critical Video Message from Rebecka Eggers, The Dream Midwife™!

Which Door Will You Open?

Which Path Will You Choose?

The Goldsmith's Creative Catastrophe Corrected:


That's the ad you ought to run on Craigslist. Because singed eyelashes are not a good look. And it is virtually impossible to even count the number of times your vision has blown up in your face. So, you either have to walk around with your charcoal eyebrows or get some protection.

Your problem?

Your inner world is still too unstable for your aspirations to turn into adaptations.

End Result: Your natural creative fire is also a natural disaster.

Of course, that really isn't news.

But this time is different, isn't it?

Something truly precious is on the line.

Something you want more than you have ever wanted anything is about to fail and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it, at least not if you keep trying to work magic on it from the same unstable foundations.

Feel that churning in your belly? That's exactly what I am talking about.

You know in your gut that this moment is going to be decisive.

You are about to either win or lose something irreplaceable. And the outcome of this final battle doesn't depend on your crass ideas about boundaries or your prideful sense of righteousness. Those things will, in fact, do you in. They are tied to a world you are trying to leave whether you know it or not.

This battle isn't with anyone else either. It's an internal battle over influence.

Will you succumb to the atmosphere around you ceding your mind and your magic to the influences of this world and the influences of your past, or will you step up to the wheel of destiny and finally give it a spin that puts the end game back in your hands?

To answer that question, you have to confront a core truth that scares the living daylights out of you:

You do make your own reality.

That truth makes you tremble because, well, singed eyebrows!

You are terrified you will never get it right. That much power in your hands feels overwhelming.

It can also feel unjust. Do we blame the hungry masses, the desperate, the displaced ... for their own plights?

Do we blame you for ... Well, we don't need to name that blood curdling event. But you know what I mean.

The answer is an emphatic NO!

Instead, you MUST leave the blame game altogether.

Stop trying to solve this at the level of logic and presumably fixed reality! I mean, how many years are you going to waste on a game you can't win?

This problem can't be solved by seeking to act upon your material reality with blunt force. It has to be solved at the level of your being, and choosing and that is a matter of influence. It is a matter of managing your own mind and using your own emotions, instead of being used by them.

You either want this or you don't. You are either ready to seize your creative fire and finally direct it with precision or you are not.

Which is it?

If you are finally ready to hold this kind of power in your hands and to use it for the sake of realizing your vision, at long last, there is only one thing left to do.

I have built this Passion Path for you. It takes you from charred by your own creative fire to mistress of the flames. As you walk this Goldsmith's Passion Path you will learn to:

  • Harness the heat and raw energy power of creative combustion in order to forge your inner and outer realities:
  • Deploy your creativity so you can skillfully turn the wheel of destiny in accordance with your purpose;
  • Employ the power of principle-centered choice (though not in the way you imagine -- not against other people) to make potent choices; and
  • Mould yourself and your life in accordance with your true value and your true values.

In so doing you will become (not by osmosis, but by concentrated effort and directed focus) such a powerful presence of pleasure and impact that your very existence will challenge everyone around you to rise to new heights and to reach for MORE. As the Goldsmith you will lead by your example and your essence will change the atmosphere wherever you go (not the other way around!).

You are gold and as the Goldsmith, you will carry this truth in your bones.

You will act accordingly. By your presence, you will invite others to do the same. Your presence will insist!

The Dream Alchemist's Sorrow Transformed:


That's my 4 word, 19 character explanation of your distress. Twitter would be so proud!

Now, be honest. Haven't I nailed it? At the end of the day, you want the kind dream fulfilling, gravity defying power that will:

  • Open doors and unlock opportunities for you;
  • Light up your face with the THRILL of your passion penetrating this world; and
  • Empower you to pound the challenges of this era into the pavement and on into the graveyard.

But right now your dreams are mired in daunting disasters. Your desire for love leads to loss after loss after loss. In short, you are barely in condition to run through another day, much less give this world a run for its money.

And yet you dream!

You wake up at 3 o'clock in the morning tortured by what you know and by what you can't figure out!

You know you are supposed to leave a legacy. You can feel it in your bones. But you don't know how to break through. Your gifts and your talents are hidden, literally disguised beneath the dreadful pain and the dreary sorrow of your traumatic past, AND NOTHING SEEMS TO HELP FOR LONG.

You intend great things and then SPLAT. You don't rise to the level of your hopes. Instead, you are brought down, over and over again. That much is definitely clear.

Now for what you can't figure out!

How does this keep happening?

Simple, you have a secret INNER enemy!

Like the Navy Seals say, you don't rise to the level of your expectations. You fall to the level of your training. And that is why you remain in bondage.

You are working from the faulty structures and bad training instilled in you by what amounts to a lifetime of trauma.

For example:

  • You keep trying to heal your emotions. Yet you wind up in the same painful traps over and over again. That's because healing your emotions only makes you feel better in the moment rather than addressing the faulty wiring and the lies running amuck in your mind.
  • You keep trying to find kind, compassionate people who appreciate you. Yet, your brain is wired to screen them out.
  • You keep trying to break out of survival mode and break free of toxicity. But you don't have any of the perspectives, habits, or patterns of thriving.

In short, you keep trying to address the physical reality in which you live and you have completely overlooked the inner reality that is hard wired into you, controlling your choices and limiting your options.

But you also have a secret friend: your own dream, that legacy you know you are supposed to leave!

And this time you will because I have constructed a powerful platform of deep learning, ritual solutions, and fierce disruption that will help you break the faulty structures, build new foundations, and finally go from HIDING TO HERE, powerfully, potently, undeniably HERE and ready to reckon with whatever it takes to make your dream a reality.

In other words, I have laid down a Passion Path that will help you move from the state of invisibility created by your trauma coping strategies and your pain and into the state of being powerfully seen in your thriving and active in your purpose.

In treading this Passion Path, you will:

  • Take on the role of the Dream Alchemist, transforming your pain into the pathways of liberation for yourself and for a world that is punch-drunk on a give-up cocktail;
  • Use your unrelenting passion for your dream to confront the systemic and personal limitations that obscure your true value and hide your true potential;
  • Turn on the power of your inner light so you can finally see and reveal yourself; and
  • Become the lamp of hope, illuminating the path to liberation for generations to come.

Ultimately, as the Dream Alchemist, you will wield the powers of rock solid identity and self definition to shine as a beacon of truth in a world struggling to overcome the lies of oppression.

You will then meticulously distill the essence of your experience, becoming the embodied solution via the mediums of art, music, and the WORD. Like the alchemists of old, you will leave a legacy of transformation for other seekers to follow.

The Way Shower's Deadlocked Dilemma Destroyed:


Famished: You are hungry for it. There's something down in your belly that is trying to scratch and claw its way into this world.

Call it a dream.

Term it a calling.

Name it destiny.

Whatever it is, you feel certain that if you have to go another day like this, you will die of your ravenous desire to bring it through. You will expire under the weight of a mandate to make your mark.

Stalled: There is nothing you wouldn't do, nothing you wouldn't try. When you are not doing something (presumably) about it, you are thinking of nothing else. Your mind is racing with the heat of your desire. You are here to blaze a trail through history. You are here to alter the fate of this world. But you are basically running in place, stalled out at the brink of grandeur.

Flummoxed: How can you have such a strong imperative, such a clear call towards impact and still be stuck wearing deep grooves into the same patch of ground day after day after day?


Spirit called you and Spirit put out a warrant for your arrest.

You are not ready.

You've got high enthusiasm. You are capable of sustained effort.

AND you are applying your effort in all the wrong places because you think you are building a business or even a movement. But Divine Wisdom is trying really hard to restructure YOU to match your directive.

I say this with all the love of someone who has worn the same groove into the same patch of land:

You have been arrogant enough to believe that the call and the potential were enough.

You heard the tantalizing voice of Divinity tempting you towards your destiny and you caught a bad case of irrational exuberance. 

The remedy?

Step 1: Stop trying to build a brand, launch a course, put up an award-winning ad etc. ad infinitum.

Step 2: Start building this calling into who you are.

You will never find what you are looking for in a course on how to throw up a glittering website, write an award-winning, make-bank Facebook ad, or design your signature course.

You will find what you are looking for when you take the time to truly become the solution you are offering to the world; the solution you are hell-bent and heaven-bound to bring alive right here and now.

I mean why do you think Spirit has tortured you with desire and arrested your success all at the same time?

The unrelenting, famished desire was about not letting you quit because this thing down in your belly is essential to this moment in history.

The arrest was about making sure you didn't abort the call with premature "success" in the marketplace at the expense of exploring the true creative potential of the dream that has you desperate to deliver.

And you will deliver it!

I know exactly how to entice Spirit to allow your feet some forward motion. I have put the skills learned from years (almost a decade) honing my own craft, dream midwifery, to work in the ultimate brand identity and business creation lab that will build your mission into your identity.

Via this destiny-making adventure, you will truly claim the Power to Show the Way by:

  • Becoming the embodied solution you must offer into the crucible of history;
  • Using the power of embodied storytelling to craft a pathway of transformation that others can follow;
  • Building your website as the power structure that will hold your inspired creations; and
  • Designing your brand to hold the clear, original essence of who you are and what you came here to pioneer.

The cost of waiting even another day is too high.

On the Way Shower's Passion Path, you will become and then transmit, the change you hope to see in the world through embodied storytelling and through the vehicle of commerce.

You will come alive as your dream.

That thing knocking around in your belly isn't just the dream itself. It is you, the dreamer, the Divine recipe for the disrupting history.

And you are coming.

As the Way Shower you will:

  • Use the power of your experience, the strength of your essence, and the depth of your wisdom to forge ahead and into the reality you were born to live;
  • Crafts the products, services, myths, and arts that open the potential for us to build thriving, meaningful lives that reflect our true value as human beings;
  • Open the door to a new way of being together on this planet and invite others to cross this threshold with you.