I’ve Got Something to Say: New Moon Manifestation April 2021

Learn How to Use the Unique Energy of this New Moon to Manifest Your Dreams!

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I got something to say. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is on the way. The church you go to pray in it. The work is on the outside. Staring out the windows, it's for love songs and house flies. ∞ Ibeyi Singing Better in Tune with the Infinite

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The Opening Question
Meme: the carnival-barker voices in your head are shilling for your karma. What would you do about them if you understood how essential your casting call really is to the future of this human tragicomedy?

Not just for this generation, but for the generations to come!

Don't answer me yet. Instead, take a moment to...

Dream Your Dream in the Image of Your Future Self!

Dearest dreamer, I wonder if the heavens are ever tempted towards impatience.

Being called to midwife dreams, I sure as hell feel impatient because I know what is in you!

I know there is a dream burning in your soul even if you can't yet feel the full intensity of the fire.

Even if the flame has been restrained by your inner pain and your troubled external circumstances, I know it is there. I can see the spark springing forward momentarily, retreating again to its hiding place, and making another burst towards freedom.

I want to insist you bring that dream out of you because that fire raring to burn in your spirit womb is not just for you!

If only you could see what I see:

  • Problems waiting on the solution you were born to deliver;
  • Joy waiting on you to join the dance so the circle can grow larger and more impactful;
  • Innovations absolutely no one but you can bring through.

But you are locked-up inside a hall of mirrors with your crazy reflection proffering so many distractions and so many lies.

I wish you also knew what I know, namely that the work of love must eventually happen on the outside. That is to say, love must be embodied in people and concretized in institutions that act. TRUE self-development (especially self-love) is ultimately concerned with getting you ready for something that isn't about yourself as a subject of endless study and improvement.

But in this culture, when you ask, "what's self-development," an industry concerned more with hooking you than helping you points towards the hall of mirrors and offers no TRUE blueprint for working with its distortions.

Love on the outside is, by contrast, about you as a protagonist in an unfolding story with global implications.

I hunger to see that story unfold with you as the superstar!

But I think heaven, in its wisdom, probably doesn't share my impatience.

Truthfully, I know that impatience is a waste of energy and a cruel judgment with no place in my quest to see you step into your essential role as the avant-garde of transformational leaders.

I know that for you to break out of your standoff and step forward like that, someone has to challenge you to a different kind of dual.

Someone must entice you towards a new, robust, full-bodied version of you.

Someone will have to tempt you with your own potential until you are absolutely desperate to walk away from that dual ALIVE.

I know full well that painful circumstances lead you into the hall of endless reflections and from there you won't be able to see or hear anything novel until someone new finds their way into your mirror. Someone's got to present an innovation on the same-old-same-old. Someone has to be the pattern interrupt that begins to break apart the so-called "reality" held within this vestibule of violence. Only then will you possess what you need in order to find not another mirror, but a looking glass.

Cut from the inverse side, a mirror ceases to be a mirror and becomes a glass. Mirrors are for looking on this side, and glass is made to look to the other side. Mirrors are made to be etched. A glass is made to be broken...to cross to the other side...The image of the real and the unreal, which searches among so many mirrors for a glass to break.

∞ The Glass to See to the Other Side, Issued From the Mountains of southeast Mexico, by Subcomondante Insurgente Marcos in 1995

I'd like to say that someone is me or even the Zapatistas or Marcos or a savior who can reset you with a magic switch only the gurus have. But that kind of power does not exist outside of you!

Anyhow, I think this love song is from your future self (the one who made it out)!

Cause I can hear the thunder from afar
A lightning in the dark
I can feel the fire come alive
So calm before the storm
So dark before the dawn
Oh, I can see the fire in your eyes
In your eyes

Ultimate Self-Development Challenge: Dare to Imagine a Déjà Vu-Free You!

The Aries New Moon will arrive as a six-planet FIRE stellium. To get to the heart of it and into the power of all to that fire showing up in your eyes, you must walk through the Libra Full Moon on March 28th. This will be the first WORD we have heard out of Ma'at (Libra) this year. And don't expect her to go getting all Chatty-Cathy now either. Whatever she has to say, it will be brief. Then she will retreat into her silence until July.

Let's listen carefully!

Then we will know what to say when the fire reflected in our eyes turns us all into spitfires in the coming weeks. Mercury (Thoth) is about to move into Aries. He'll be part of that 6-planet stellium including, Venus, the Sun, the Moon, Ceres, and Chiron.

There is a lot going on in the Full Moon Chart. We are not going to tackle it all or we will never reach our New Moon Beginnings. But it is worth noting that Mars (Seth) in Gemini (Akeru) will conjunct the North Node (Shai or Destiny) on March 26th (just before the Full Moon in Libra).

As I discussed in the last New Moon Manifestation Report: Between the Light and the Shadow, Mars (Seth) in Gemini (Akeru) is like destruction standing in the present moment between the past and the future.

Seth in Akeru speaks to the destruction of the status quo and the future that belongs to it.

When you add the North Node (Shai) into this mix, it places that destruction under the command of destiny. But this configuration will require skillful navigation of the space between stimulus and response. Mars will also be opposing the South Node (with its karmic traps). Fortunately (or not depending on your tolerance for a wild ride), the South Node will be in the sign of Sagittarius (Sekhmet) and that's like matching up your karma with its undoing. The reasons are stated in Firebrand 2021: Rise as the Whole Damn Fire. 

Shai represents the power to work effectively with the Wheel of Destiny. One of his divinatory meanings is "freedom from bondage." Though he brings an element of luck, that doesn't mean you can keep staring into the malignant mirrors of the past and expect anything better than recycling.

The seed of the individual's destiny is in the birth brick of Meskhenet. Shai has tranformed this stone into the symbol of the wheel; he is actively and consciously working the results of his actions form the past. Having penetrated the mystery of transmutation he now uses his knowledge to transform human consciousness. Holding the ankh of life, he encompasses the wheel that contains all elements of the universe. Shai is indeed the universe in microcosm and called by the Egyptians the god of luck, or destiny. ∞ The Book of Doors by Athon Veggi and Alison Davidson

Notice how Shai works with the RESULTS of his past actions, not with the past itself. That means the work arises from the past but is future-oriented. To work with those results and move them towards a different outcome in the future, you need to see or observe life differently than you did on the day you laid down the tracks through which you are now traveling.

You need to think in innovative ways. Hence the presence of your future self and all that fire in your gaze!

Khonsu (the Moon) in the sign of Ma'at will support this future-oriented work. Ditto Jupiter (Horus) in Aquarius (Ptah) because, as an air sign, Aquarius is concerned with thought (and with the Divine Mind versus the delusions of grandeur that give rise to all manner of anguish). The emphasis is on expanding innovative thought and on victory.

Jupiter is bringing expansion to innovation and victory to new ideas. You can also count on old ideas cracking like an egg you mindlessly dropped on the pavement (along with all the things you constructed around them).

Likewise, Saturn (Sobek) in Aquarius is an enhanced gateway whereby thoughts can become things. Sobek concretizes (fixes) things into material form and that concretization will move more speedily with Saturn in Aquarius.

Seth, for his part, is nothing if not faithful to the future. So, expect old structures, relationship formations (not necessarily relationships), and ways of thinking to meet his hand, possibly in the form of your own words. Just as new things can come into form faster, old things can go out.

Khonsu, for his part, has a dual form: exorcism and renewal.

Consider yourself invited to a different kind of DUAL!

May you hunger for renewal as you surrender in the arms of the exorcist!

The Sun (Amun-Ra) in Aries (Khepera) conjunct both Chiron (Anubis) and Venus (Isis) will oppose this experience of exorcism and renewal.

Oppositions bring up choices and those choices come wrapped in what appears to be an adversarial or oppositional relationship or experience.

Remember the fun-house mirrors? Here we are!

Not everything in life is a mirror. That's a lonely, narcissistic idea. Let it go.

Right now, you have to get past the idea that everything is your own reflection while also realizing how much you puke your own projections onto the world around you as characterization and assumptions. To see something other than your own reflected projections, you are going to need your curiosity and you will need to check your constructs, characterizations, and general know-it-all attitude at the front door (somewhere between the past and the present).

That was a mouthful. Just stop assuming you know so damn much already.

Aren't you tired of that same old story anyhow? Haven't you been here before?

Dare to imagine a déjà-vu-free you. Go beyond!

The Sun represents who we are in the present moment (i.e., what we have become) and therefore, the status quo. But the Sun also represents the potential of what is hidden (both painful and productive).

Our solar power--our life force--becomes harnessed to the will to survive above all else. We become "egotistical"--possessed by our ego. 

Within our Sun sign, we find both our greatest potential as well as our most severe pitfalls. If we hang on to our need for survival as expressed by our ego, we slip more and more into the shadow expression of our Sun sign. Our ego becomes brittle and protective of its identity, resistent to change. All things change on this planet and our basic identity must as well. ∞ Shamanic Egyptian Astrology by Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

In the sign of Khepera, the Sun is being influenced by the god of the resurrection and new beginnings (and he doesn't much like the hall of endless mirrors).

Held within his archetypal symbolism is the undiluted potential of all possibilities.
∞ Shamanic Egyptian Astrology by Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

Khepera the thrust that drives us towards the next new experience and towards the next horizon.

With this upcoming New Moon Stellium, we, therefore, have a greater than average chance now to choose a new beginning.

Anubis (Chiron) holds the key, he guards the way. Like the Moon, he offers renewal but that renewal comes at a price. It arises out of our work with the Wheel of Our Wounds (aka The Wheel of Destiny) specifically in the area of rejection and abandonment. Under his influences, our wounds can become our gifts but only when the hidden becomes visible and known to us (via our skillful work with the results of the past).

Anubis is the personification of the summer solstice. Accordingly, he is the light that gives way to the darkness. He opens the way into the mysteries of the Sun (Amun) behind the Sun (Ra); into our deeper selves beyond our personalities and our coping mechanisms. To see this doorway, we have to look within while turning an eye towards something greater than ourselves.

Isis stands in the mix during both this Full Moon and the upcoming New Moon. She is here to remind us that we must cleave to our TRUE values. Swift and unexpected changes are about to hijack the storyline (or already have). Isis will cut through the darkness and confusion we discover as we enter Amun's mysterious, hidden places. She will show us where our New Moon Beginnings are. I strongly suspect those new beginnings will be hidden somewhere beneath the results of old abandonments and rejections.

This will not be a long stay among the dry bones of dead and gone desires, but a fast and furious reconnaissance mission. We are searching for a longing that lives on and for the hidden lies that are trying to strangle it.

Hint 1: pull your projections back IN.

Hint 2: look where your pain and your fear have enticed you to project your power onto someone or something else. 

Once we find that power, we will need to know what our TRUE longing is. As soon as we know, we must adhere to it no matter what.

Now consider this: Maybe we didn't want what we thought we wanted after all!

During the Libra Full Moon, the Moon will be quincunx Uranus in Taurus suggesting a major plot twist driven by the great awakener (Wadjet). She is already heavily influencing this year's events (as discussed in Firebrand 2021: Rise as the Whole Damn Fire).

We need access to this energy so as to open to new life. It is Wadjet who reminds us that in order to live, in order to survive, we must change--we must break out of our shell and do whatever it is that needs to be done. It is she who awakens within us the desire to move through the birth canal and gives us the force to propel ourselves through it. Awakening to Wadjet, allowing ourselves to know the truth of our next right step, can be terrifying. Certainly our lives will never be the same once we awaken to the powerful message of Wadjet. Change--or die.
∞ Shamanic Egyptian Astrology by Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

Well now, that was some TRUTH right there. If change does not come to this planet, we will die.

Maybe that's the only kind of pressure that has even a scintilla of a chance to motivate us!

We've had a taste of it recently. The taste lingers. The last 12+ months have been an appetizer compared to what is coming if we cannot confront the "wicked problems" that dog our lives, societies, and global communities.

A wicked problem is a social or cultural problem that is difficult or impossible to solve for as many as four reasons: incomplete or contradictory knowledge, the number of people and opinions involved, the large economic burden, and the interconnected nature of these problems with other problems. ∞ John Kolko

We have to change one critical mindset in order to even begin: our sense that our individual choices and happiness are the only thing we need to consider. We are in a do-or-die environment that demands change: interconnected, interpersonal, globally impactful change. Either the factions come crashing down or humanity dwindles.

I-ndividualism is the most dangerous thing on this planet.

Sit still with that a moment and then we can return to our plot twist.

Exorcism, renewal, do or die change...all in the sign of Ma'at (justice, truth, equilibrium, COHERENCE)...

What could it all mean sitting directly opposite resurrection, hidden longing, and an open door into our secret places?

The answers we seek will arrive in the form of a choice forced by something that appears antagonistic and hostile to what we want. Our job is to reconcile our desire with the apparent opposition via a greater, cosmic TRUTH in order that we might move from an old story into a new one.

The segue (and segway) into that new plotline will be our words. We must author the story by pen and prophecy.

Mercury is already on his way to Aries and when he arrives, I think you will find you have something new to say in the vein of undiluted potential and new possibilities. Until then, practice Ma'at (heart coherence). Coherence will be your exorcist (cleansing your palate of its affinity for words of suffering and renewing your vision).

As an aside, I have this feeling that our willingness to live with the boot of exploitation, oppression, or even caretaking others unjustly will dissolve. Radical, innovative, game-ending, and game-changing solutions are on the horizon. Coherence does not mean self-defense is off the table. To the contrary!

The exercise price is about to go sky high on the option to oppress in the name of looting potential and resources from others.

When you embody love, the very nature of your power will be transformed. Love is a powerful, destructive force. It does not abide abuse. It neuters it.

Neuter: to remove the force or effectiveness of
∞ Merriam-Webster

In the meantime, breathe peace and joy in relative silence. Remember that peace does not mean abiding in your own suffering. It means freeing your soul-fire and making your dreams a reality for yourself and for this ailing world.

From the silence, you will extract the knowledge of what to say soon enough.

The words you are about to speak and the story you are about to tell will not be like anything you have ever said before.

Don't get spooked by apparent inconsistencies in the meantime. A deeper, more integrated perspective is about to burst onto the horizon. You will be its vessel. And you never know. You just might save the world, and definitely yourself. Remember? You are essential to the human tragicomedy (the thing that is bigger than you are).

For certain, as we make our way through this Libra Full Moon and on into our New Moon Beginnings in Aries, the past is going to pass on and take your status quo present with it. Don't worry, the past is will be reincarnated under a new name: Wisdom!

That's the point of the wheel! Turn baby turn!

Meanwhile, an expected, and yet unexpected future is about to break the dawn of a new day.

The universe is listening. Be careful what you say in it...

I got something to say. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is on the way. The church you go to pray in it. The work is on the outside. Staring out the windows, it's for love songs and house flies. ∞ Ibeyi Singing Better in Tune with the Infinite

Decoding Progress: Get Your Secret Words of Power!

Gemini (Akeru) is ruled by (or influenced by) Mercury (Thoth) and is therefore concerned with communication.

Thoth represents our ability to open to messages from the Divine and to communicate with inspiration and illumination.
∞ Shamanic Egyptian Astrology by Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

With Akeru in the sign of destiny and Thoth in the sign of Aries, we have a real opportunity to listen and to hear messages that are truly innovative because they emanate from the Divine Mind.

Now you know what to say! Or you will as soon as you ask for the secret words of power that will open the next gate and flood your mind with a new kind of brilliance.

And to be honest with you, I am pretty sure that is all this chart wants to say to you!

Oh, I just got a reminder of one more thing:

Vesta! The Cosmic Womb (Meh-Urt), is "Mighty Fullness." She is replete with possibilities. During both the Full and New Moon, she will be squaring the Nodes suggesting we are pregnant with both Destiny and Fate. Uranus will be in an almost perfect trine with Vesta during the Full Moon and will be within 2 degrees of trine on the New Moon.

Radical shifts in what's possible?

I believe so. The Cosmic Womb in Virgo (Nekhbet) suggests an alchemical work is underway.

Nekhbet alchemically transforms and transmutes the toxins in our body so that they become nourishment to our soul...

...Virgo is the last of the six signs associated with the development of the individual. Virgo's job is that of perfecting individual expression so that the individual might better enter relationships with others...

...As true of all wise crones, she knows what is most important and allows nothing to distract her.

∞ Shamanic Egyptian Astrology by Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

Now is, as I said before, the time to cleave to your TRUE desires no matter what.

Cleave: to adhere firmly and closely or loyally and unwaveringly ∞ Merriam-Webster

The word cleave, ironically, also includes its opposite: to spilt apart.

To cleave to your TRUE desires is to separate yourself from all that stands inconsistent with their realization.

Finally, Ceres (Renenet or the Harvest) in Aries also suggests the time is VERY ripe to reap and to sow New Moon Beginnings.

That must mean it's time for...

Illusion ∞ Ritual ∞ Spell

Have you noticed how much cleaner the air feels? Like fewer illusions are casting about? Like you much less mired in denial about the things you are going to have to face?

If Seth is good at anything, it's rending the veil. Whew! May you pass on to heaven on earth.

And Aries will burn up some underbrush so you can see the TRUE bottom of this thing: the ground upon which you stand is holy ground.

That's the ritual I think! Holy ground!

You don't need any holy water or a priest to make it clean. You don't need to worry over curses touching this land. You are standing on it. You have made the necessary sacrifices or soon will. Sacredness is overflowing from your Mighty Fullness. Living water is rushing into the future!

I think you made it past that dual (exorcism and renewal)! It seems your hunger to live has carried you through.

Now, cast your spell with care. Listen carefully to the thoughts dancing in your mind. The ones that light you up ought to come on across your lips and through your fingertips.

See the New Moon Wishing Well rising on this horizon?

You know what to do!

  • Write down your wishes within eight hours of the New Moon;
  • Write and keep no more than 10 wishes per month in your own handwriting being careful to record the date (maybe keep a wish notebook);
  • Write down (on the final list) only those wishes that evoke a feeling of harmony on the exact date of the New Moon;
  • Keep repeating unfulfilled wishes taking care to break them down into more precise steps;
  • Shift your approach to other people, rather than wishing they would change;
  • Make a treasure map on the Spring Equinox; and
  • Use your Granddaddy Power Period (based on the sign at the cusp of your 11th House).

On this New Moon, the Granddaddy Power Period that opens belongs to people who have 21 degrees of Aries at the cusp of the Eleventh House. A new GDPP begins every day (not just on the New of Full Moon). So, look yours up and plan ahead.

To learn more about making new moon wishes using this strategy and to find your GDPP, read New Moon Astrology: The Secret of Astrological Timing to Make All Your Dreams Come True by Jan Spiller.

Be well!

And remember the children with no shoes on their feet! We are all the Spirit's children. Maybe that's the point of our wicked problems. Maybe the Spirit can't intervene until we realize there are no outcasts here. We are in this TOGETHER. If we can't grasp that...well, you know what we are facing.

As we say in the mountains of Chiapas: Until soon my dear friend. Hasta pronto!

Libra Full Moon Chart
Libra Full Moon Chart
Libra Full Moon Grid
April New Moon 2021 Grid

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