Don’t Waste Time Bumbling! Deploy Your Jackpot Secret Weapon: Headline Studio by CoSchedule.

Steampunk Style Image of Woman In Front of a Clock
Image Credit: Deposit Photos Number 49443137 via @Majorgaine
Steampunk Style Image of Woman In Front of a Clock
Image Credit: Deposit Photos Number 49443137 via @Majorgaine

Start Learning How to Improve Your Headlines Right Here:

Boldly going where hundreds have gone before' does not make headlines.
∞ Neil de Grasse Tyson

How are you going to Happen to History if no one even reads what you write?

Oh my God! The number of hours I once wasted writing emails, articles, ebooks, and web copy that no one would ever read. Did my work suck? Nope. My headlines did.

I would exhaust myself creating amazing content and then just slap any old headline on it because by then, I just wanted to be done. My creative juices were drained.

Well, guess what! That's like smearing feces on your front door and asking people to overcome the feeling of being repelled in order to come in. Why would anyone do that?

The first, and often the last thing people ever see is your headline. If they don't feel inspired, magnetized, or delighted by your headline, forget everything else.

That's why you need Coschedule Headline Studio. It turns out great words, powerful words, poetic words...are not enough. The right BALANCE of words is what draws people in.

Coschedule provides an exact analysis of the equilibrium between different types of words. Load your headline up with too much power and no one will click. Load it up with too much emotion, everyone will be drowning in feelings.

While Coschedule has a free version you can use, you really want to pay for the studio analyzer! With the upgrade, you get a thesaurus, word banks for every type of word (power, emotional, common, and uncommon), and a scoring system to make sure you pull off the best and brightest headline every time..

Seriously, Cosechedule Headline Studio is my Jackpot Superpower. When my headlines score over 80 in the Coschedule system, my emails fly out of inboxes and into people's brains. Access to brains equates to influence and, most importantly, SALES.

Truthfully, you cannot go on bumbling and fumbling, wasting time and treasure on poorly constructed headlines that also waste your cleverness and leave you feeling lost in a world where standing out is just about the same as keeping your business alive. Plus, it's just really sad to be ignored! Isn't it a relief to know it was never you? It was just that you didn't understand. But Coschedule does.

This platform solves another problem for me too. Creating great headlines is a snap. I feel guided, inspired, and downright empowered to succeed.

Oh, I almost forgot. If their customer service team were a man, I would be taking him home - at least I would if I didn't already have the world's greatest husband! Wink!

They really support their products (instead of just seducing you with tech appeal and a few drinks). I once asked if they could just be my customer service team all over the internet. Of course, I know this isn't possible. But a woman can dream.

Okay, I am done bragging on Coschedule.

Let's get down to the nuts and bolts of this amazing headline analyzer studio I keep bragging about. Here's a list of coupons for all the Coschedule products you could ever need. Now let's take a look behind the scenes. Here's what your console will look like:


Alright Then. Let's Get You Busy Making Your Mark and Happening to History and Such!

Full disclosure is my policy on anything I recommend in the Making Your Mark publication or elsewhere. If I love something, I tell you. But keep in mind, I only ever recommend the products and services I use in my own business (or have used if I have graduated to a more robust system than a beginner needs).

Coschedule gives discounts (not cash incentives) on their services for reviews. Naturally, I aim to take them up on that! And so should you. All you have to do is follow the rules and submit your article (just like I am doing now).

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