A Love Letter to the Scarlet Women Whose Spirits Refuse to Break

Image Credit: Deposit Photos # 1789062	via @ choreograph
Image Credit: Deposit Photos # 1789062 via @ choreograph

My beloved Scarlet, don’t mistake this letter for an unschooled missive written by the hand of an overly romantic fool.

I know where you have been!

I have seen you stand in the firing line over and over again.

I know you have loved when love was inconvenient – to say the least.

You have desired openly even when desire was taboo.

You have revealed your nakedness when all around you commanded that you hide.

In a world that does what it can to discourage and destroy passion, you have dared to show up as the powerful, sensual energy of passion untamed.

You are this earth’s unbridled desire embodied.

For that you have paid.

Like a modern day Hester Prynne, you have stood in the town square as they stitched your version of a Scarlet A over your heart, through your skin, into your flesh.

I have seen the needle pierce your red, unvarnished heart. I have watched the anguish and tears washing down your face, the unseen red drops seeping into your lungs until you thought you would suffocate.

Yes. I know where you have been!

I have seen the men who mistook your richness and your spice for an invitation. I have felt the confusion and the heartbreak of betrayal as, flesh overtaking flesh, they consumed your body and then denied your humanity – one way or another.

I have looked into the heartless eyes of the women who turned on you and then turned away. I know very well that you walked alone through the heart rending blows that only another woman can land and that you came out the other side to a lonely, steep and winding road without even the cloak of community to sustain you.

Yes. I know. I know all too well!

You are not like the beloved red rose blossoming into the embrace of countless accolades.

Yours is not the sweet aroma of romance, nor the tantalizing blossoms offered in an endless ode to lusty fantasies.

You, my beloved Scarlet, are something more intricate and rare.

My what a vivid sight you are!

You are like the flame lily snaking its way up and over every obstacle. Nothing will impede your scarlet triumph.

Never mind the twisted vines that mar your path.

Your spirit cannot be broken.

Feisty tendrils outstretched, you will out climb and overcome.

Just as I know where you have been, I have seen your future.

You will bare your brilliant, fiery petals before the sky.

Deep rouge with a dash of electric sunshine rushing up your back, you are the sun kissed earth that passion called to rise.

Your destiny is the summit.

One day soon the light will rain down on you like a spotlight. When it does, you will be seen and finally acknowledged for your original beauty and for the undaunted courage that has withstood every trial, not to mention, the test of unrelenting time.

Until then, I am here to tell you that I love you.

I love you with your scars and especially with the lingering stain of your Scarlet A.

I love your fervor and your grit.

But above all I love your purity.

You are the unadulterated, raw, ripe, delectable first fruit of a Scarlet Evolution.

Behind you flows a burgundy river.

Desire is washing across the land.

In the days to come you will walk with your head held high and your back straight.

You will eat crops nourished beneath a sanguine sky.

Yours will be an immense life filled with the extravagance of love and delight.

Whether or not you can see it, I know.

Your soul is swathed in the rich, red velvet robes of luxury.

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