Passion is a Wonderful Friend and a Dreadful Enemy

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Image Credit: Deposit Photos # 125682716 via @ robeo123

You might think I am kidding. But rest assured, I am not joking at all.

Want to see your spiritual and creative gifts turn against you like mutinous, blood-thirsty, cannibal pirates?

Ignore your passion.

Want to see your emotions eat you for breakfast and then belch up the rotting stench of you before 9 AM every single day?

Ignore your passion.

You might get away with turning a blind eye for a while. Maybe you can pass through your 20's and half of your 30's without much trouble. But cross that line that lies somewhere between 35 and 40 without paying heed and you are in for one hell of fight.

AND Trust me! Passion is not to be trifled with.

When it offers itself up to you, it demands an equally strong response. Passion is not for the faint of heart nor is it kind to those who waffle in the face of commitment. Passion doesn't give a shit about your 3 PM meeting with the Board or your 6 PM with the PTA. It couldn't care less about your mortgage.

Can you put the genie back in the bottle and just get right back to rounding out your 401(k) and pulling down the stock options? Sucking it up in a marriage that doesn't work so you don't have to downsize? Taking care of everyone else while your creativity rots in the closet?

Sure. But it will cost you. You'll start cheating on your significant other, downing enough booze to put a horse to sleep, going to Starbucks because, for some reason that you can't really explain, for those 5 minutes, everything feels alright, watching porn, gambling, developing weird diseases...Pick your demise!

Even when you win the fight with passion, you lose.

Because to win it, you have to sell out some essential part of yourself for security. You have to douse the fire of your faith, stuff your instinct to really live and settle for a second rate life that will cast your heart in the staring role of the snuff film from hell.

Does that mean everyone should quit their jobs and run off to the mountains of Mexico (as I did)?

Oh hell no! Trust me. My Passion Path is an acquired taste!

It means that there is something burning inside of you that is asking to be born and developed in this lifetime.

It could be that you yearn to experience belonging.

Maybe you are aching to write poetry or paint?

Maybe you are living in a loveless or stifling relationship and you want to know who you would be and what you would do if no one was there to knock the wind out of your sails.

Your Passion Path is original, grand, spectacular, guarded by the skeletons in your closet and flanked on both sides by your very own, personal demons. It's yours and yours alone.

My passion just happens to be about helping other people break down the barriers between them and the life they are yearning to create. But trust me when I say that I mud wrestled with my passion for years before I finally surrendered. I was making a solid living that demanded my FULL commitment. I also had a child to raise without family and often, without even friends to support me. That meant I had to rely on (read that pay) nannies and dog walkers and handy men and yard people galore...I had over $100K in student loans hanging over my head and a perpetually flat bank account despite the sizable income I made.

From start to finish, my story of liberation is a miracle. I should never have made it out and for the longest time, I had no idea OUT was even a possibility. It sure wasn't a realistic possibility.

What I am trying to tell you is that I created The Passion Path® because my passion chased me down, wore me out and refused to relent until I listened. I surrendered to the call and invested my faith in where I was going instead of where I was.

You were there too! I asked to be made ready to do this work with you.

I submitted to the fire trial as much on your behalf as my own.

I am here to midwife your dreams. No dream is too big and no dream is too small!

All dreams have purpose. They are meant to help you become. They are destiny's agents.

Most dreams are about simple things: love, belonging, self expression, living free of abuse...And helping others experience these same things.

In other words, some dreams are about making history in this world. But honestly, even a dream as sweeping and ambitious as putting an end to world hunger is really still about these little things.

Regardless, no one should have to transition to the next life-level without the aid of a midwife. 

Now, if you are ready to stop feuding with your passion (like the infamous Hatfields and McCoys) so you can start heeding the call of your Passion Path®, take the first step. Match me up with whatever is standing in your way and put me to the test.

Together we will clear away everything in your life that isn't on purpose and on point.

Session Benefits:

  • Find out what you really want;
  • Figure out what is holding you back;
  • Get a clear understanding of where you are now;
  • Fashion a strategy for throwing a custom monkey wrench in your own personal brand of misery;
  • Put me to the test; &
  • Find out whether or not we make a good team.

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About Rebecka Eggers

Rebecka Eggers, The Freedom Activator is a Meditation Improv Artist; the creator of The Passion Path® and the FLARE brand storytelling method; the author of Coming Alive!: Spirituality, Activism, & Living Passionately in the Age of Global Domination; and the creator of The Ruby Mirror Tarot. She lives in the mountainous highlands of Mexico, where she uses the tools of modern communication to make all kinds of trouble for every last stagnant, soul killing enemy of your potential. Rebecka challenges you to bring your dreams to life. She is trained as a Metaphysical Minister, a Co-Active Life Coach, a Reiki Master, and a tax lawyer (probably weren't expecting that last part, eh?). Finally, Rebecka holds a certificate in Digital Marketing through Emeritus and Columbia University, awarded with distinction in 2017. You can support Rebecka's writing via PayPal!

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