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Woman With Shocked Expression and Computer (Steampunk)
Deposit Photos Image License: Photo # 290955906 via @ IgorVetushko
Woman With Shocked Expression and Computer (Steampunk)
Deposit Photos Image License: Photo # 290955906 via @ IgorVetushko

Start Learning How to Improve Your Social Media Game Right Here:

I use social media as an idea generator, trend mapper and strategic compass for all of our online business ventures.
Paul Barron

How are you going to Happen to History if no one even knows who you are?

Before you answer, let me confess that I have spent ten years "hunting and pecking" my social media posts because of four dastardly, dream destroying letters: F.E.A.R.

I was afraid to lose authenticity, afraid I would be seen as absent if people knew I was automating my processes.

Most of all, I was nursing this Big-Kahuna fear:


I was afraid that if I got scientific about social media, I would lose my originality.

But you know what kills originality?


Honestly, it is damn near impossible to single-post your way to success on social media. You are more likely to single-post yourself into oblivion, or worse yet, obscurity.

Coschedule saved me from all of this.

That's why I love this company! Because of them, I can now parrot the quote at the top of this article to describe what social media and content creation have become for me since is started using the Coschedule Blog Calendar:

I use social media as an idea generator, trend mapper and strategic compass for all of our online business ventures.
Paul Barron

And don't be mislead by the name (Blog Calendar). It does so much more than blogs. I can write an article, find it automatically in my calendar (via the handy-dandy Coschedule plug-in for WordPress), and post it to every social media outlet I use with just a few simple clicks. Ditto memes and promo posts.

Now, can you guess what fosters originality (instead of killing it)?

Good, well-thought-out, easy-to-use PROCESSES.

In short, Coschedule gave me back my creative hunger, my spark, and most importantly, my voice because they made everything so easy to organize and to customize across channels. Coschedule also frees my mind from the mundane so I can focus entirely on my artistry and my mission: to challenge YOU to make your mark and then to curate and teach the solutions that will make sure you do.

Coschedule is now on my curated list of third-party products and services that are must-haves if you really want to Happen to History (instead of waiting on history to happen to you). Only one product or service of the same type makes it onto this list at the same time.

Oh, and the customer service Coschdule provides is also passionately good, reliable, fast, and wow, just wow, effective. I even jokingly told them I wish they could be my customer service all over the web. They are that responsive and that caring. You might not think this is so important. But it is absolutely essential. To feel cared for and supported as you create is so liberating (especially at moments like this when the world is shaking and quaking).

Okay, I am done bragging on Coschedule.

Let's get down to the nuts and bolts of this social media planner I keep raving about. Coschedule made this part easy too! Here's a great video you can watch to learn more:

To maximize our time together here, in this short post, let's sum up what Blog Calendar offers:

  • Schedule and publish your blog and social in one calendar
    • Organize your blog and social media, publish consistently, and grow your traffic.
  • Get quality time back by organizing everything in a Blog Calendar
    • Save yourself headaches by centralizing all of your blog and social content in one place. You’ll spend less time jumping between tools and more time doing what you love.
  • Enjoy simple, flexible scheduling
    • Just drag and drop a blog post, and your related social messages will instantly adjust without tedious rescheduling.
  • Easily manage WordPress content
    • Create, publish, and promote all of your blog posts and social media messages right in WordPress.
  • Plan content ahead of time
    • Schedule social media messages side-by-side with your blog posts to efficiently plan ahead, publish more content, and grow your audience.
  • Share the right messages at the right times
    • Build engagement by automatically sharing your evergreen social messages at the best times and republishing your top-performing messages.

Oh, and a picture is worth a thousand words, don't you think?

In case you are in a not-safe-for-video environment (maybe daydreaming about your freedom on the clock in a concrete box), here's what your Blog Calendar will look like once you snap it up:

Image of Coschedule Blog Calendar

Alright Then. Let's Get You Busy Making Your Mark and Happening to History and Such!

Full disclosure is my policy on anything I recommend in the Making Your Mark publication or elsewhere. If I get something, I tell you. But keep in mind, I only ever recommend the products and services I use in my own business (or have used if I have graduated to a more robust system than a beginner needs).

Coschedule gives discounts (not cash incentives) on their services for reviews and sales. I aim to take them up on that! And so should you. Coschedule even puts a referral link right in your Settings under Billing (where you can easily find it). All you have to do is follow the rules and submit your article (just like I am doing now).

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