The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.
∞ Ferdinand Foch

Passion Revival Challenge 2021

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You Can't Make Your Mark on History Without Your Passion.

The Passion Path® is Here to See You Through With this Passion Revival Challenge!

The Passion Revival Challenge in 3 Words:

Assess ∞ Address ∞ Advance

Step I: Assess

This section contains two assessments:

The Eye of the Tiger; and

The Trauma Alchemy Quiz.

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Assess Your Level of Activation

To assess how far down the COVID-19 black hole you have fallen, watch The Eye of the Tiger video all the way to the end. When Rocky really starts to fight for his dream, how do you feel?





Revved up and ready to go?

Perhaps a little too revved up? Maybe relishing those punches more than you ought to? How about yearning to run like the wind and never stop?

Key Definition: "Revved up and ready to go" means clear-headed, focussed, determined, and passionately devoted to your dream.

Determine Your Primary Trauma Coping Strategy

No matter if you are overamped (fight or flight) or barely able to go through the motions (freeze), passion will elude you.

You can't experience revved up and ready to go as long as your nervous system is trying to fend off calamity.

Take The Trauma Alchemy Quiz to:

  • Identify and understand your primary trauma coping strategy; and
  • Find out the elemental challenge you can undertake today in order to restore equilibrium.

Step II: Address

This section contains two challenges you can undertake in order to move out of your trauma responses and into revved up and ready:

Complete and Continue a 3-Step Process; and

Find Your Pandemic Panic Buster.

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Restore Equilibrium In 3 Straightforward Steps

You deserve the future you truly hunger to experience.

That's why I want you to know exactly where to start as you course correct after so much devastation and loss.

Today, I am standing with you, challenging you to rescue yourself and your dreams.

To get revved up and ready to go start reading Passion Revival: A 3-Step Practice to Save Yourself & Your Dreams in Times of Covid now! Though this article was written about the effects of the freeze response, the cure for overactivation is the same 3-step practice.

Don't delay.

"Delay" is the name of the dream-destroying dragon you came to slay.

Find Your Pandemic Panic Buster!

Our household has not been free of PANDEMIC PANIC at all. Trust me! We have seen our share of extreme circumstances.

One day a friend posted about a supplement that was helping her through chemo and I decided to check into it. What I learned inspired me to give it a try.

Guess what?!

It worked wonders. We are sleeping, our focus has returned, and we are fighting for the future.

This supplement is our sanctuary in a capsule.

Share your email with me and I will share with you the name of the powerful plant medicine we used to end our pandemic panic.

Then talk to your doctor or nutritionist to see if it can be your anti-anxiety secret weapon too! If our pandemic panic buster isn't right for you, keep searching for answers. Your nervous system will thank you.

Step III: Advance

This section contains three challenges you can undertake in order to ADVANCE:

Activate Your Purpose;

Heal COVID-Related Soul Loss; and

Rise as the Whole Damn Fire.

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Answer the Call of Your Passion and Activate Your Purpose

This is where I come in!

Once you have addressed the black-hole effect of the COVID Apocalypse, you will feel better.

But feeling better is not enough.

Now is the time to really MOVE forward and towards the future.

Together, we will:

  • Activate your passion and your purpose on a visceral level; and
  • Uncover and repair any soul loss related to the trauma of COVID-19.

Right now I am offering a two-session package consisting of

  • An 80-minute Answering Passion's Call Purpose Activation Session, and
  • A 60-minute Soul Reconciliation Session.

The 60-minute session is a bonus! It's my investment in you and your dream.

Remember, delay is the great foe of your passion and your dreams. Strike while the iron is hot.

The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire. ∞ Ferdinand Foch

Have Some of What She is Having!

Pamela Activated Her Passion. Here's What She Said After:

Thank you so much for our time today. I believe I will sleep much better tonight and jump out of bed tomorrow morning with much more enthusiasm and direction than I have ever had. Good night!​

∞ Pamela Penney, Marlette, Michigan

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