Five Signs You Are Coming Alive

Woman emanating fire walks amidst a volcano. She is pictured within a mirror.
© Rebecka Eggers 2024

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Woman emanating fire walks amidst a volcano. She is pictured within a mirror.
© Rebecka Eggers 2014, 2024

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© Rebecka Eggers 2024
© Rebecka Eggers 2024
© Rebecka Eggers 2024
© Rebecka Eggers 2024
© Rebecka Eggers 2024
© Rebecka Eggers 2024

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*** Includes 30-Minute Dash of Rouge: Burning Desire Session!!! ***

The First Sign: You Are Falling in Love With Yourself.

There was a time when you were like a puppet on the strings of public opinion.  You danced an endless dance tethered tightly to other people’s approval.  You were all high kicks and smiles in the shining spotlight of adulation.

But the moment the lights went down, you bowed low.

There you were, curled up in the corner, head hung, face clenched fighting back tears, fingers bent and broken from the effort to hold back the blows, the mostly self-inflicted deluge of hatred and self-blame.

In those days, you played a cruel game of comparisons scoring your worth against other people’s successes and failures, searching for your self-image in the eyes of every stranger on the street.

Yes, once upon a time, you did exactly what was expected of you...Or at least you tried.

You tried your best to fit the mold and when you failed, it hurt.  It was like a knife burrowing deep into the soft flesh of your heart.

But that was then. 

Now, finally, you can see the richness and uniqueness of YOU.

Gone are the days when you were willing to let other people tell you who and what you are.  At long last, you are falling in love with yourself and you are starting to ache with a fiery desire to show up in this world as all of who you are.

You are beginning to see that this world needs you and the many gifts and talents you long to contribute.  You have been penetrated by what Martin Luther King, Jr. called the fierce urgency of now.

Wasted time and lost opportunities have become luxuries you know you can ill afford to indulge.

Your time has come and you are about to burst onto the scene with one truly memorable Ta-Da!

The Second Sign: Your Floor is Littered With the Spent Fibers of Rope.

Despite your efforts to conform, you were once at war with convention.

How could you not have been?

The wounds ran so deep.

It only took a hairline trigger to pull you up out of your corner and into your rage. Even if you couldn’t or wouldn’t express it, that rage burned inside of you right alongside the confusion wrought by most of what you had ever been told.

No more.  Now you hold the sword of your own wisdom firmly in your hand, its steel blade glimmering in the moonlight.

You have been busy cutting yourself loose from everything and everyone that has ever bound you to the lies of supposed to and the misinformation of your conditioning.  Your black leather boots have turned an ashen gray.  They are covered with the loose fibers and the dusty remnants of everything that once defined you.

You have been revealed.

Your very presence is now an upsetting force.  It disturbs the flimsy veneer of the eerie calm that holds everyone else in their place.  It rends the thin veil of illusion that masks a growing discontent.

Tonight, you belong to no one but yourself.  You belong to nothing but your unbounded potential.

The fight is over.  You are no longer standing against anyone or anything.  You are standing firm for the fulfillment of your own vision even if you do not yet know what it is.

The Third Sign: Your Passion Has Come to Claim You.

Like a lover, your passion speaks to you in sultry whispers each night as your head hits the pillow.  You are longing for it.

You are wrapped up in the mystery of your passion.  You are sure it is the harbinger of secrets you simply must unravel.  This passion seems to hold the keys to a future you can barely even imagine.

Sometimes you can feel the gentle touch of your passion reaching for you in the night.  As you lie awake clinging to the lingering remnants of its feather-light touch, suddenly you find you are enchanted by the penetrating way it seems to also be gyrating in the night shadows that dance across your bedroom window.

You are intrigued beyond measure.  Such variety, such complexity!

Sometimes your passion visits you in the daytime too.  At just the moment when you are supposed to be doing something else, you wind up lost in a scintillating daydream.  You take on that far-away look of someone who is anticipating the thrill of communion with a long-lost lover.  You can’t pull your thoughts away from the idea of a midday rendezvous with your own emerging desires.

You have never been pursued so sweetly, so relentlessly.

It has become clear to you that your passion isn’t looking for a one-night stand or even a slow-burning romance.  It has been waiting on you for years.

Your passion has only one question:

Will you let it have its way with you forever?

Your passion is looking for a vessel, and you are aching to be filled to the brim with its red, fiery, demanding essence.  You too have waited a lifetime.  You long for nothing short of possession.

And so you open.

The Fourth Sign: You Have Always Been Committed To Something Greater Than Your Own Happiness

When others were walking away from the earthquake zone, you walked towards the rumbling earth.

Let it swallow me, you said.  Let it draw me down into its fiery core and into the refining fires that will turn me out.

Some people take this sort of journey because they yearn for their own fulfillment and nothing more.  Their search for healing and awareness will always remain in some sense an empty one.  The power they learn to wield will never serve anything but their own hunger.

Your quest is different.

The boon of wisdom you sought in the intense heat of the fire is something you have always known was meant to support your own blossoming and also the blossoming of humanity.  It was this truth that kept you going when you thought you had given everything you had.  You imagined the hands that would reach out and take hold of yours on the other side and you imagined that one day those hands reaching back would be your own.

You are not a lone ranger or a hero.  You yearn to participate in the dance of life with others by your side.  This whole thing has been about making yourself ready.

You ache to see potential fulfilled and joy spilling over all around you.  The riches forged in the fire are meaningless to you if they cannot be shared.

The Fifth Sign: You Have Become the Fire.

You are boring your way back through the earth’s crust.  You are burning with the intense flame of your own intentions.

As you break the surface, you see skies upon skies open up in front of you.  Never again will you be content to live with anything that puts limits on your developing potential.

The small, cramped life of a puppet in a display window will never be enough for you again.

You have broken free.

Free isn’t an adjective used to describe your circumstances.  Free is who you are.

No longer are you distracted by the pain of your wounds or the arduous effort it took to overcome them.  Now you can pour your effort into creating a life you really love.

No longer are you burdened by relationships and obligations that just weigh you down.  You are free to participate in the things that bring you real joy and to bring joy and commitment to the things in which you participate.

You have come alive to your passion.  Now it directs your hand!

The sword you once used to cut yourself loose is now becoming the tool of creation.  The time is right and you are getting ready to chisel the life you desire from the raw stone of your potential.

You are coming alive as The Passionate Warrior committed to purpose, alive with passion, powerfully creative, disciplined by wisdom, and dynamically active in the service of purpose and vision.

Welcome to your Passion Path, where Passionate Warriors are forged in the fires of their own passion and nourished by the process of creating what they truly desire!


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Rebecka Eggers, The Freedom Activator is a Meditation Improv Artist; the creator of The Passion Path® and the FLARE brand storytelling method; the author of Coming Alive!: Spirituality, Activism, & Living Passionately in the Age of Global Domination; and the creator of The Ruby Mirror Tarot. She lives in the mountainous highlands of Mexico, where she uses the tools of modern communication to make all kinds of trouble for every last stagnant, soul killing enemy of your potential. Rebecka challenges you to bring your dreams to life. She is trained as a Metaphysical Minister, a Co-Active Life Coach, a Reiki Master, and a tax lawyer (probably weren't expecting that last part, eh?). Finally, Rebecka holds a certificate in Digital Marketing through Emeritus and Columbia University, awarded with distinction in 2017. You can support Rebecka's writing via PayPal!

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