July Lunar Eclipse: Heeding the Warning of the Late September Dogs

Image Credit: Deposit Photos Number 12474603 via @ nejron
Image Credit: Deposit Photos Number 12474603 via @ nejron

Hours with the Devil to understand just what you need
So I wake in the street and I call out your name
Shout to the sky come on

Come on let it rain
Let it rain down on me
Let the rain fill my eyes
Let the rain set me free
Let it rain down on me

Just inside the distance I hear the late September dogs
And so I beg for sleep the child who walked before she crawled
Damn my soul that remembers and clutches to this pain
The spear in your side is me

∞ Late September Dogs by Melissa Ethridge

They will look on the one they have pierced.

∞ John 19:37 (NIV)

The Dog Days of Summer are upon us. These are the days when the summer heat is said to drive humans and dogs alike stark raving mad. The heat and maddening effect of the Dog Days were once blamed on the star Sirius. In ancient Greece, people believed, due to the the heliacal rising of Sirius, that it was the cause of their summer suffering. Likewise, in ancient Egypt, the heliacal rising of Sirius signified the impending period of inundation, when the "Tears of Isis" would fall, flooding the Nile and fertilizing the land and bringing a fresh barrage of mosquitos.

The idea of Late September Dogs, when related back to this lore, suggests something that has gone beyond its time. A madness, a sadness, or even a blessing ill-timed and unruly, is lingering in the air. This symbolism also suggests something that will make the inner and outer land of our lives fertile (even if we have to endure some things, even if we have to wait a moment longer than we imagined).

The lyrics of the song, Late September Dogs, came to me like a warning and a promise right as I began to interpret the chart for tonight's lunar eclipse.

It's no wonder! The Moon, the Sun, and Mercury are all squaring Chiron (within 5 degrees) and Mars in Aries is loosely conjunct (within 5 degrees) that old Wounded Warrior too! A square is a tense, provocative formation that insists on action. Mars in Aries is action just waiting to happen. Conjunct Chiron, it might not be the most considered, mature action.

Whoops. It didn't take long to get confirmation on that one. Kanye West just announced he is running for president. My daughter notified me just as I was typing that last paragraph. I am sitting at my desk, head hung low. If only I hadn't been so distracted this morning, maybe I could have issued this warning a little earlier. I am literally writing a Late September Dog?

Did someone give 2020 an energetic laxative because we are all just shitting our pants about every two seconds these days. Whew! It's a good thing we stocked up on that toilet paper.

I digress.

Now, we also have a lot going on around Vesta, the cosmic womb. The Moon is opposing her. The Sun and Mercury are in a conjunction with her also. It's too damn late in the year for planting. So, let's consider this from the perspective of the harvest.

Harvest you say?

Ceres is the harvest principle. The Moon is in a sextile formation with her and Mercury and the Sun are in a trine.

I have this feeling like I am running as fast as I can and I will never be able to catch this chart.

Which, is, of course, just like the eclipse itself. The eclipse is as close to a farce as you can get, honestly. The Moon will only enter the Earth's shadow one-third of the way. Hell, it won't even be visible to the naked eye.

So, what the hell are we actually talking about here Kanye? Can you help us out?

I didn't think so.

Hell if I know myself!

But I did notice two more really interesting aspects: the Moon is trine Uranus and Saturn is quincunx Destiny (aka the North Node).

So, we are definitely looking at a plot twist here. I just don't know what kind. Because it does seem we are moving towards the kind of absurdity that begs a hole to open up in the center of our living rooms and just suck us all into an alternate universe. Or is that how we got here in the first place? Who the hell knows.

Maybe Alice knows! Is there a bottle marked "drink me." At this point, I am here for it Alice!

Okay, before I try to sort this out. Let's not forget that Jupiter and Saturn are both within pissing distance of Pluto and they are all retrograde. In case you have been sheltering under a rock somewhere, you probably also know Jupiter just smacked Pluto upside the head for the second of three conjunctions a few days ago. They are all in Capricorn, as is the Moon. But honestly, if this is supposed to bring some long standing rules to bear for stability, I can't even see it. We are so far through the looking glass at this point that the ordinary rules of physics and social discourse just feel gone.

Is there some sort of cookie marked "eat me?" Alice? Anyone? Is that how we wound up in this situation? Did someone slip the global community a hit of acid and nobody told us?

Okay, enough with that. Let's get serious.

Since the Moon got top billing on this eclipse business, let's consider who the Moon is. Irony of ironies, the Moon is all about right timing (the kind that brings and springs from healing). In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, the Moon is Khonsu. He's basically an exorcist. He's the one who casts out demons and brings healing. But he also helps us "commune with--consume--the divine energy of love that ultimately heals all hurts."

Pass me a bottle of that heavenly formula. I don't know about you. But I am ready to get drunk on divine love about now.

In all seriousness, I do think this is what we need right now. Because the harvest for this year is upon us and it looks kind of funny (as in not right) from where I am sitting. I mean Kanye?!

Also, the shadow of the Earth just tried to consume the Moon and failed. I feel pretty good about that. The exorcist shines on. Makes me want some divine love in a cup.

I swear I just heard the Spirit confirm via Michael Franti. Let us pause here for a divine serenade.

I don't know about you dear reader, but I feel better. Creator wants us to KNOW that we are loved, divinely, patiently, and most importantly, STILL. It's not too late.

I feel the courage to face Chiron now! Don't you?

Chiron, is Anubis in Shamanic Egyptian Astrology. He holds the wound and the transformation of the wound. He can signify our wildly immature and reactionary side or our wise elder side. But honestly, I am not sure how much we can count on the idea that we have enough collective wisdom to save the day and our individual actions and level of development really isn't enough to move the global needle. We have not shown much wisdom as a collective, or more to the point, the unwise are having a very big impact because their poor decisions are multiplying.

In other words, one thing is for sure: all those people who have been expecting the smart ones to do the group project while they party at the lake are in for a rude awakening. Likewise, the smart kids who always do the group projects for everyone else can't save this day. We are not in control! Our overdeveloped sense of responsibility (as a survival strategy) just hit the wall. Splat. It's worthless here.

And this is exactly the kind of awakening Anubis brings. He is the opener of the way to wisdom. Like it or not, underachiever or load bearing super achiever, we have not been wise. Anubis makes us face our wounds (and our coping strategies) so we can finally be healed. Himself an abandoned child, Anubis knows the way to the Great Awakener (Uranus - aka Wadjet). Here he has brought us to the limit of our own, individual capacity to avoid calamity. The lot of us must come into true understanding and wisdom together.

With the Moon, the Sun, and Mercury all squaring Anubis and the Moon trine Uranus I truly do have hope that our suffering can be purposeful.

The Sun is another dual creature. In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, he represents "all that we are in our present manifestation and all we have yet to become." He is the hidden sun of the night and the bright sun of noon. Amun-Ra represents life force either mired in survival, or liberated by our developed wisdom and for the purpose of our thriving.

It's like Anubis is shouting to us now:

Come on! I know the way to free flowing life!

Mercury, which is retrograde right now, is Thoth. His message could be muddled these days (along with our minds). But ultimately, he calls us to be an effective channel for Spirit. He's our ability to communicate illuminated by a larger, divinely aligned perspective. I see him calling out to the wounded, abandoned, rebellious children in us all and asking us to drink that divine love, drink of the Spirit. Take a big gulp.

Incidentally, Venus or Isis is also forming a sextile with Chiron. This signifies an opportunity. With Isis, we find the courage to choose and to follow our soul's path. She is right here, with our biggest wounds, and our biggest potential, ready and waiting to bathe us with the tears that will make us fertile.

Come on let it rain!

As the air grows a bit misty with the deluge to come, let's take another look at Mars (loosely) conjunct Chiron.

Mars is Set, the Sacred Warrior of the Egyptian pantheon. But he has been wounded by time, reduced to a soldier for hire.

You know something? It was a soldier who pierced the side of Jesus on the cross, fulfilling the prophecy that they would "look at the one they have pierced." The scriptures say that both blood and water flowed from his side. The piercing was the fulfillment of Jesus' destiny. It was also the moment when the blood (life) and water (the Spirit) flowed from his body. That moment is regarded in Christian theology as the outpouring of the Spirit. The blood, in addition to representing life, seals the covenant of faith. It represents victory.

Set, even in his wounded state can still bring the Spirit and the life to us. He can still help us fulfill our destiny. He lives in all of us as our unchecked aggression and anger. Conjunct Chiron, in the sign of Aries, we are invited to harness the power of this wounded warrior and to draw and drink the living water of the Spirit. Alone the warrior cannot heal. He must come in contact with a healer, with an avenue towards wellness. Now's our chance. Anubis is exercising enough influence and Aries is prompting us to initiate, to move, to take action now.

With our spears ready, we cry out to the Spirit. We draw the lifeblood out of heaven; we draw the outpouring of the Spirit.

Just inside the distance I hear the late September dogs
And so I beg for sleep the child who walked before she crawled
Damn my soul that remembers and clutches to this pain
The spear in your side is me.

It's time to draw our spears, to pierce the side of the Spirit in an anguished cry for presence. In doing so, we realize our own need. We open up a thirst that we know only Creator can wet.

In so doing, we bring the exorcism we so desperately need.

Tonight is the night. Now is the time - Or as soon as you read this call! The eclipse isn't a one and done moment. Nothing in astrology is. Astrology tells us what matters in the river of now. It tells us of potential opening. Tonight's eclipse is a symbolic unfolding towards the end of this year. But don't delay. Time is of the essence.

The day has come to put away the wounds we carry, the madness that we have allowed to linger on into the September of our lives. It's time to stop clutching the pain that we can't seem to forget.

We must let the madness of these Dog Days fade away.

The Moon is opposing the cosmic womb. We are ripe with promise and we are ripe with destruction. The womb goes both ways. It is the portal of life and it is the portal of death. There can be no more clowning around at the edges of our maturity. We must decide. Drink the divine elixir, take the medicine, be healed no matter what it costs us. Or perish in the chaos of this historical horror show.

Ultimately we are the womb! The Sun (Amun-Ra) and Mercury (Thoth) are conjunct Vesta also. The best of our potential is ready to incarnate, as is another round of egotistical foolishness and the end of our hope for THIS moment.

We can become effective channels for the divine or waste the seed of our words (our communications) on fool's errands (like 45 at Mount Rushmore).

Either way the harvest (Ceres) for this year is upon us. We set out to do something with the chaos of 2020 (if you recall my original forecast). We set out to birth the Passionate Warrior, a warrior devoted to the cause of LIFE. With the Sun and Mercury trine Ceres, we can expect rapid development. All the obstacles are being removed. Rapid achievement or rapid failure are in the works.

Ceres is in the sign of Pisces or Sothis. Sothis is the place where Isis resides. It is a place of great compassion, wisdom, and love. The harvest is held in this place. This is pure, detached love. Literally, this is the location of the harvest. We find the harvest where Creator dwells. This is the place we too must also reside as we drink the divine medicine. This is the portal opening up in our living rooms. It is the way through. We must abide in divine love by literally taking it into every cell, every atom, every molecule of who we are and yet allowing it to surround us.

When we do, all will be changed.

Which reminds me of Saturn quincunx Destiny. As Americans, the structures of our world are blowing apart right down to the statues that have defined who we are. All around the world, in one way or another, the structures that have held us are breaking down. Alliances are shifting. Norms are being wiped out. Protocol is pretty much gone.

In this blowing apart, Saturn and Destiny come together for radical change. The nature of a quincunx is to change the story by changing its central, organizing principle - the plot.

From changing an opinion, to breaking up a relationship, the quincunx wants to move you to a new situation whether you are ready for it or not.
∞ Predictive Astrology, the Eagle and the Lark

Saturn is in Capricorn. But it won't be for long. Once it moves direct, the forms it so elegantly represents having been obliterated by the year's events, Saturn will move into Aquarius by year-end. We are moving into the collective, into the space if the Spirit incarnate (Ptah) in physical form. The North Node (Destiny) is in Gemini, Akeru, the portal of the present moment (right in the heart of this duality between past and future) rests the gateway to right now. Isis is there too. Right now, in this moment, we can choose to align with our true value and our true values in Spirit.

Which brings us to Wadjet. The Moon is Trine Uranus (Wadjet). This will not be gentle, slow progress. Wadjet is the Great Awakener. More shattering is to come as the exorcist heals and cleanses us. Who we were outside of the Spirit's complete and utter enfoldment must break apart, disintegrate. A new identity made of divine love must be formed in its place.

Wadjet is in Taurus. Taurus is Hathor. She is pleasure, riches, feminine wholeness, the dark and the light aspects of the feminine in unity. The Dog Star (Sirius) represents Isis and her dark sister, Nephthys or Nebt-Het. They are the twin realities of life and death. When we meet them as one, it feels like madness, like the Dog Days will render us insane.

So, we keep trying to outrun and overrule death instead of letting it shatter us into this new life. But when the essential unity of these two principles is honored, we can truly live. This is what it means to be The Passionate Warrior. We walk with death allowing it to kill what needs to be destroyed and we walk with life, allowing it to bring to flourishing all that is meant to grow in and through us.

So, this seems like a good place to stop:

The harder we hold on, the more difficult the shattering may be. The process of change can be quickly integrated if we surrender. ∞ Shamanic Egyptian Astrology

Take a swig. Go ahead. Drink of the Spirit. Drink the Living Water. And while you are at it, drink the Blood of Life. With your goblet in hand and your spear at the ready, pierce the sky and look upon glory IN you; in us.


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