Gold Between My Thighs

Image Credit: Deposit Photos #166351734
Image Credit: Deposit Photos #166351734

I've got gold leaking out between my thighs,
And a red hot yes
Searing the air at the edge of my lips,
Sealing my new covenant,
With myself.

And as I speak this gospel truth,
I know there isn't a shred of difference
Between God and me.

It's not that I claim to be Divine.

It's that God and I are in total agreement,
About the river of riches
Pouring out down below.

This is the fresh evidence of our love.
Penetrating deep into every crack and crevice,
Once occupied by desperate, despicable lies,
Each one the ironic destiny seed secretly waiting
For His evocative light.

You see,
There was a time
When I didn't know
How to open to anything,
But devastation and distress.

To make things right,
God hid my greatness
In the pints of poison I swilled,
With phantom delight.

And then He just let it ride.

But God was always my forgotten Valentine.

And He was storing up riches
He knew I would figure out how to manage in time.


As those seeds started pressing to blossom,
With the power of His fire coiled up inside.

So, yes, I've got gold dribbling down my thighs.

Truth be told,
I've just performed
An act of shameless coitus
And YES,
With the Divine.

Like Mary, I am not the first.
I hope I won't be the last...

To take up Grace
With a hard-on,
Sucking up
Sweet pearls
Of ravishing,
Shimmer and,

Oh, by the way,
Just then,
I started to ask if I have offended you.

But really!
What kind of measure is this?

Instead, I will sit here
In the afterglow of this transfiguring love,
In the broad daylight,
Sipping heavenly wine,
And watching each ravenous petal unfurl,
Each succulent flower revealing,
Me as a jewel,
Every exquisite detail hand forged
Of the pure molten treasure
Rushing up my spine.

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