Pomegranate Revolution ∞ A Creed & A Defense of Your Dreams Written In Blood & Passion

Image Credit: Deposit Photos #42287763 Copyright Username @ bereta
Image Credit: Deposit Photos #42287763 Copyright Username @ bereta

This is My Creed:

My soul (and sole) purpose is the liberation and fortification of the willing.

I am here because I believe in Pomegranate Revolutions with their bittersweet flavor and their secret promise of new life.

I stand for dreams fulfilled and human potential born in the bellies of those who yearn to live RED.

These words are written in passion and blood.

This Creed lives in my veins. It is born of my DNA. It is swaddled in my passion.

This Creed is my identity.

And as my Creed commands, I have come for you. 

Yes. YOU!

Today I Am On a Fool's Errand...

But first, let me say that I have walked a mile in your ill-fitting, polished-shiny footwear, and so, I know all about the illicit affair you are having with your dreams.

You secret them away in a seedy little hideaway for two. Sure. You come by now and again for a roll in the hay. But you don't have any solid intentions of leaving behind your "real life." It isn't that you don't want to. You just have no idea how to do it. So, like some wayward husband dousing his hunger for a little something strange, you make promises. Empty promises! Even you don't really believe you will keep them.

Instead, every day, you wrangle yourself out of bed and force feed your feet into a pair of shoes that don't really belong to you. Then you set about the task of sustaining and manicuring a life you don't really want. You tell yourself that this is how things are. You say there's nothing you can do about it. You are a victim of circumstances, a casualty of these modern times. This is just life.

Yet truth be told, in the battle for inner riches, you have thrown your lot in with poverty.

You can't really see this however, because a long time ago, someone handed you a glass full of sugar-laced, piss water and you drank it. This wasn't really your fault. There was nothing in your experience that allowed you to discern the difference between nourishment and a noxious knock-off served up with ruinous intentions.

But the result is the same.

You are clutching that goblet of misery with both hands!

Meanwhile, even as you hunger for something more, somewhere in a cheap motel room on the wrong side of the tracks, your true potential, your passion is laying on top of the bed, legs splayed apart, untapped, undeveloped, a lady in red, forever in waiting. She is withering as she waits.

So, as I said, I am on a Fool's errand!

Let me lay my cards on the table for all to see. In this little story, I work for the mistress. I am on the dream team.

I am here to incite a revolution against any and everything that is stifling your growth, killing your vitality and tainting your authenticity. I have arrived with a jack-hammer and a full tank of diesel. Just say the word and that unholy concrete beneath your feet is toast. I'll show you how to take out the foundations of your second rate life like a jack rabbit making babies - as fast and furious as you can take it.

That's because I believe the secret yearnings you have locked away in the roach motel represent the very best you have to offer: the flame of your unspoken desire.

So, I will fight for your dreams, your potential and your passion for as long as you will let me. If you choose as your partner, I will also teach you to bring them to life.

Together, we will destroy what is, liberate what is to be and breathe life into a new vision. We will stoke your creative fires until the jack-rabbit revolutionary eventually dies and is reborn a craftsman, a life-artist. Brush tipped in fire, you will call richness and original splendor from the ashes and the void left behind when the old order fell.

Before it's over, if you are willing to do this revolutionary work, you will luxuriate in who you are and what you are creating.

Welcome to The Passion Path®!

Where Pomegranate Revolutions & Dreams Come to Life. 

You know, there are those who say that it was the pomegranate Eve ate in the Garden and that the Promised Land was full of this luscious, bittersweet fruit.

Was it a coincidence that Eve succumbed to this delectable treat and to the temptation of self conscious knowledge? I think not!

About Rebecka Eggers

Rebecka Eggers, The Freedom Activator is a Meditation Improv Artist; the creator of The Passion Path® and the FLARE brand storytelling method; the author of Coming Alive!: Spirituality, Activism, & Living Passionately in the Age of Global Domination; and the creator of The Ruby Mirror Tarot. She lives in the mountainous highlands of Mexico, where she uses the tools of modern communication to make all kinds of trouble for every last stagnant, soul killing enemy of your potential. Rebecka challenges you to bring your dreams to life. She is trained as a Metaphysical Minister, a Co-Active Life Coach, a Reiki Master, and a tax lawyer (probably weren't expecting that last part, eh?). Finally, Rebecka holds a certificate in Digital Marketing through Emeritus and Columbia University, awarded with distinction in 2017. You can support Rebecka's writing via PayPal!

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