Brazen Hussies

Image Credit: Deposit Photos #52879383 via @Elisanth
Image Credit: Deposit Photos #52879383 via @Elisanth

Yesterday I started to think about the people around me like they were characters in my new (imaginary) bestselling novel. That got me to thinking not so much about who IS around me, but about the people with whom I would love to populate my life.

The answer?

Brazen hussies every one!

I want to fill my life with women who are so busy living their own desires that they don’t have time for anything else.

I want women all around me who are shameless desire whores lost in sensual delights.

I want the wild ass bitches who are completely unavailable to any bullshit save the kind they use to the fertilize and nurture the blossoming of their own potential.

Remember those stories about the 1950’s housewives who got regular Valium Scripts and swilled Vodka at noon just so they wouldn’t commit suicide before the kids got home from school?

These are the women I want – the ones for whom conformity and selfless service to others is an almost deadly combination.

They are the women who are constitutionally incapable of glossing over the soul damage externally applied limitations and stereotypes cause.

These women live with spitfire flaming in their eyes and truth dripping from their tongues like an elixir of sweet maple syrup and chili pepper oil.

This world has done its best to sanitize, to get rid of or tamp down these women, these wondrous creatures who cannot be content with prescribed morality and socially sanctioned dreams.

Yet WE keep popping up and popping in at the most inconvenient of times.

We endure with more resilience than a cockroach.

We disturb the status quo with pure Scarlet Chutzpah.

So yes. Give me all the brazen hussies and enough red wine to soak the Hudson River Valley.

We’ll take it from there!

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