Aquarius New Moon: In the Still of the Night

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Mint corresponds to the element Air and the planet Venus. It is a strengthening herb that aids us in psychic and verbal communication and adds strength to our words.

∞ Witchipedia

Image Credit: Deposit Photos #128146650	via @ RadaRani
Image Credit: Deposit Photos #128146650 via @ RadaRani

I know you want to come out of this dark place. But it isn't time yet. If it were, the virus would have been vanquished already and you would be on top of the world. I know it's hard to remain in this cramped circumstance. I also know that you still have to surrender.

You don't get to decide. This is too big. It's too important, for you and for the entire world.

Remember! Hopes and dreams are dashed or fulfilled on the basis of one serendipitous, sovereign word:


Like it or not, your hour has not yet come.

You will know your debut is upon you when your hot, flowing tears turn into the sweet red wine of the sacrament.

And no. I haven't the foggiest idea what that actually means. But I was told to say it. So, I said it.

In the MEANTIME, we have work to do.


Let us place our mint crowns upon our heads and begin with a prayer to the one who stands for LOVE.

The stars were bright above
I'll hope and I'll pray
To keep
Your precious love
Well before the light
Hold me again
With all of your might
In the still of the night

∞ In the Still of the Night by Fred Parris and The Satins


  • late Old English, in Christian use, "a sacrament of the Church, an outward and visible sign of inward and spiritual grace," especially "the sacrament of the Eucharist" (c. 1300);
  • from Old French sacrament "consecration; mystery" (12c., Modern French sacrement),
  • directly from Latin sacramentum, "a solemn oath, any engagement or ceremony that binds or imposes obligation"; and
  • in Church Latin, "a mystery, a sacrament, something to be kept sacred; the gospel revelation; a Church sacrament" (source also of Spanish sacramento, German Sakrament, etc.), from sacrare "to consecrate".

From the Online Etymology Dictionary.

What if you become "an outward and visible sign of inward and spiritual grace?"

What if you consecrate yourself to the mystery? Another word for mystery is "unknown." Would you take a solemn oath that binds and imposes an obligation to the mystery of the unknown?

What revelations might lie on the other side of your decision if you dared?

I can't really answer that for you. Besides, even if I could, that would really destroy the point of the whole thing, don't you think?!

In any event, I feel like we have been given our challenge for this upcoming dark moon.

In the still of the night, in the Spirit's embrace, would you, could you do it?

I will leave it to you to answer on your own time.

I am here to inform the decision as best I can. To do that, I must invite you to join me at the border between the known and the unknown. The known belongs to your past. It is made up of everything that has happened to you, all you took note of and all you didn't, your interpretation of those things, the patterns, habits, and confounding realities that have brought you to this moment.

The unknown belongs to the future and to HER. It may even belong to your own, unobserved past. Take note of that point for later.

Speaking of her, Neptune in the sign of Pisces will be squaring the Nodes this new moon (within one degree). She'll be provoking your past as represented by your karma (the South Node in Sagittarius/Sekhmet) and your future destiny (the North Node in Gemini/Akeru). Destiny represents who you could be free of the cause that seems so ironclad when we view the past as a fixed reality that must give rise to its effect. For a better understanding of the Nodes in these particular and very fortuitous signs is all about, read Firebrand 2021: Rise as the Whole Damn Fire.

Neptune is the Egyptian goddess Nephthys (aka Nebt-Het). She's a complicated figure who shows up as death, dissolution, and decay. She made love to Osiris (Pluto, the symbol of our human souls) and that made him subject to death and destruction. She is a pretty good player to have on your team when you are talking about destroying karma.

Nephthys also stands as the mystery of the "veiled Isis."

Her realm is the shadow world of the hidden mysteries...It is her voice we hear when we are called to walk empty-handed into the unknown...

Neptune represents slow, gradual change. This is change that happens over a long period of time--much as a river gradually carves out a canyon--and is immutable and irreversible. Neptune represents the kind of change that the caterpillar experiences when it spins a cocoon and dissolves away so as to be reformed as a butterfly. When we are under a Neptune transit, we feel as if we are dying--and we are. Some aspect of our psyche is being irreversibly dissolved away, much as a ceterpillar is dissolved away when it spins a cocoon. This can be a terrifying experience--we feel like the earth is disappearing beneath our feet, and we are left perilously suspended in midair. However, just like the butterfly emerging from the chrysalis, we shall be reborn into a radically different form impossible to envision at the point of dissolution. ∞ Shamanic Egyptian Astrology by Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

Do you know what connects you to who you were before the dissolution?

The safety of the chrysalis.

Do you know what connects you to who you will be?

The destruction of the chrysalis.

No matter that you have become a butterfly in these now cramped quarters, you are still a caterpillar by memory and experience. Only by embracing the unknown that rests outside your chrysalis can you really realize the potential inherent in your transformation. Of course, I know you are jumping up and down and screaming that you are ready.

So what's up with the persistent delay and with the reality that this pandemic remains, like the fibers of the chrysalis, a veil over the future?

The chrysalis (generically referred to as a pupa), is not a "resting" stage as many people think. Quite to the contrary, a lot is happening to the pupa! The body of the caterpillar is transforming into an adult butterfly! Wings are fully formed (the beginnings of the wings were actually forming underneath the caterpillar's skin before its last molt) in the chrysalis. Antennae are formed and the chewing mouthparts of the caterpillar are transformed into the sucking mouthparts of the butterfly. ∞ Butterfly School

What else must happen in your chrysalis before you emerge?


The North, the South, the East, and the West! Let them all go.

Cling only to the mystery. For one single night, give yourself over to the unknown.

Your heart's desires don't depend on knowing how to do it, how it will look, how to get there.


Now there's a useless statement if I ever heard one. We love to say it. But what does it mean?

Trust what?

On the night of the Aquarius New Moon, when the sky is the blackest, Venus (Isis) will have just completed a conjunction with Jupiter in Aquarius. She holds the clue. She issues the call!

Isis' presence tells us what to trust.


But not because she is a love goddess sent to tantalize us with promises of worldly romance. Isis plays many important roles in the soul's development. Where Nephthys brings dissolution, Isis re-members us (recollects our scatterer parts and reconstructs us). She is the one who found all the pieces of Osiris and put him back together in the chrysalis between his role as the generative god of Earth and the god of the dead in the Duat. She meets us in the chrysalis, gathers us together, and helps us to become anew according to a clear standard.

She holds the vision of who we are and who we are meant to be and calls us toward our higher self. In her, we find the courage to walk our soul's path...Isis challenges us to align our actions with our values...How willing are we to change--to open to a shamanic death--in order to receive love? Isis understand the mysteries of death and rebirth...Our inner Isis needs to be cultivated so as to be integrated into the expression of our personality; she needs to be honored as part of our daily spiritual process. ∞ Shamanic Egyptian Astrology by Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

I am going to go out on a limb here and say everyone's higher self is made of the same key ingredient.

In this one, foundational thing we are all alike. LOVE drives the higher self to deliver dreams and discover deeper connections with one another. We might change the word "higher" to a more accurate expression: coherent self.

Hey, remember all those old sayings about how you can't be in both love and fear at the same time. I know, I know. I used to really hate that because it left me feeling like love could not reach me in the midst of my fear. But the science of heart coherence has shown that the state of love and the state of fear are profoundly different and incompatible on a physiological level. Literally, you cannot move into a state of love or coherence and maintain a state of fear. So, love can reach you in the midst of your fear. But it cannot, as a matter of physiological reality, allow you to remain in a state of fear.

When fear signals an imminent life threat, the Heart rings all its alarm bells to communicate this threat to every organ and cell. This highly discordant vibration...has a profound impact on our body, mind, and spirit. Every organ, cell, and body function operates from the same message of alarm, communicated by the heart's increasingly rapid beat. Access to the regulated wave that is our Tao, our true nature, becomes obscured...

...When we experience a felt sense of safety in our tissues, this vibration communicates a sense of coherence that influences the kingdom of our body. Coherence is cardiac regulation in our tissues and organs. ∞ The Tao of Trauma, By Alaine D. Duncan and Kathy L. Kain

Now guess what leads to coherence!

Regenerative emotions consciously generated such as love, peace, gratitude, courage, and joy. Being in a state of love (consciously choosing to experience love in your own heart and to radiate it) is the key to coherence. For more information, read Breaking Quarantine.

This New Moon is telling us very clearly that if we choose LOVE, if we align with it as our one, true value, the way forward will become clear. The path into the unknown will open. The mysteries of a new experience will be revealed day by day.

But we must let go of everything else. We must dissolve into nothing and allow LOVE to reform us.

Jupiter's (Horus') presence here will expand the presence of LOVE if only we will soften, surrender, release into its hopeful presence as a tiny seed in our hearts, then a flower, then a flower garden, then a flowering world.

Once we surrender, the Moon can do his work, the work of exorcism. As he comes together with the Sun, he has the power to cleanse all that is not LOVE (even if all we get is a momentary sense of ourselves free of it upon which we can construct another and another and another).

The Moon is Khonsu. Right timing (our destiny-determiner) is one of his functions!

But Khonso is also an exorcist who dispels darkness (that which obscures) and demons (the painful energies that arise from trauma and tragedy). He drives out the demons of disease and restores health and happiness. He banishes disease and madness. At the New Moon, he is the fiery bull also and he holds the powers of rejuvenation, fertility, and fertilization.

As a great healer he banishes disease and madness, for he is the sun who shines in the night, the rejuvenating power of the moon. ∞ The Book of Doors by Athon Veggi and Alison Davidson

At every new moon, paired with the Sun, Khonsu offers us the chance to be cleansed of that which holds back our greatest potential and restricts our experience of divine LOVE and its human counterpart. He offers us the chance to rejuvenate ourselves by consuming LOVE. Maybe make yourself a little mint tea as your new moon LOVE potion.

Khonsu as the Moon opens our heart so we can feel the compassion and love that connects us to the Divine. He helps us to commune with--to consume--the divine energy of love that ultimately heals all hurt. ∞ Shamanic Egyptian Astrology by Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer


Within our Sun sign, we find both our greatest potential as well as our most severe pitfalls. If we hang on to our need for survival as expressed by ego, we slip more and more into the shadow expression of our Sun sign.

Our ego becomes brittle and protective of its identity, resistant to change. All things change on this planet, and our basic identity must as well. ∞ Shamanic Egyptian Astrology by Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

Did you feel that sweet, gentle, softening of your defenses?

Did your body and your tense emotions release a tiny bit?

Did the worry and preoccupation of this moment dissipate?

Mother Nephthys dissolve my ego defenses.

Release me from the cause and effect of my past and into the unknown world made of LOVE.

Khonsu, open my heart.

Cleanse me of my demons.

Heal my body.

Renew my mind.

Make my ego pliable with the power of LOVE.

Bring to blossom the greatest of who I can be with LOVE in my heart.

And please don't let me go until I have given myself over to LOVE.

Yes. Yes. I know, all these planets (except Neptune and the Nodes) are in the sign of Aquarius which is a fixed (read that stubborn) air sign. A fixed air sign signifies strongholds (habitual patterns, beliefs, or fixed positions) in the mind (which can be built of either trauma's incoherent lies or LOVE's coherent truth).

So, why all the emphasis on the body?

Let me ask you this: How are strongholds expressed?

Strongholds manifest in choices, life experiences, illness (or wellness), systemic realities.

In Egyptian mythology Aquarius is Ptah.

Real quick-like...

He is the living spirit in the house of human flesh.

∞ The Book of Doors by Athon Veggi and Alison Davidson

Don't be misled by that! It's not all rainbows and unicorns. The spirit is bound in human flesh. That's us. And just look around you...gestures to everything. It's easy to say the divine spark is not present in what we call evil. But the idea that Creator cannot be found in the anguished manifestations of this world is too much to bear. Of course, the living spirit of divinity is in everything, good, bad, and ugly. What a hopeful reality! To understand fully what I mean, you need to dig into this word:


To get a full discussion of this word and its significance in terms of understanding Ptah, check out Firebrand 2021: Rise as the Whole Damn Fire.

Real quick-like again...

Klipot (or klipah (s.)) are obstructions that "reduce the freedom of gnosis to an impasse, and stop the mental field at the point of conceptual fixation." ∞ Firebrand 2021: Rise as the Whole Damn Fire quoting from The Awakening Ground

Simply becoming interested in the return of klipotic consciousness back to its pristine awareness begins to dissolve the phenomena that become frozen into a supposedly solid universe. ∞ The Awakening Ground


The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. ∞ 2 Corinthians 10:4

LOVE is a powerful, creative and destructive force. If you think coherence doesn't destroy, consider this: coherence is the antidote to the strongholds of trauma. Nothing is a more destructive force than the state of LOVE known as coherence.

Ptah (Aquarius) is total, wide-open, dynamic potential manifesting (bound into form). How that shows up depends on how we conceptualize and concretize strongholds of the mind into fleshly realities, individually and collectively. Creator is always in our midst. Whenever we let go of what appears solid by returning it to LOVE's embrace and to the unknown, undefined space of dynamic potential, the Spirit is revealed. She is always open, flowing with grace, and replete with possibility.

This brings us to two more planets making up this 6-planet stellium in Aquarius: Saturn and Mercury.

Let's start with Saturn.

Your chrysalis?


For our purposes, he is form/structure and that which binds new manifestations into form. His fixative qualities make him necessary for manifestation...with Saturn in Aquarius, change (innovation) will be emanating through the archetype that normally tries to forestall forward movement, or at the very least, test our resolve. Think about that! Saturn in Aquarius portends rapid, grand, sweeping shifts with much less restraint than normal. ∞ Firebrand 2021: Rise as the Whole Damn Fire

That means we have a real opportunity here! We have the chance to more easily release who we have been and how that has manifested in our lives (individually and collectively). We have a solid shot at innovation.

Let's don't blow this.


Put your ear to the divine heart and listen.

Mercury (Thoth) retrograde in Aquarius is here to remind us of something important and to help us serve as the channels for Divinity. He wants to show us how to become the sacrament: "an outward and visible sign of inward and spiritual grace."

Grace bespeaks ease of movement and flow. It is the essential nature of open possibility. When we are a channel for Divinity unobstructed by the illusions of klipotic consciousness, we are grace manifest and manifesting.

Thoth describes how effectively we function as a channel to Spirit. ∞ Shamanic Egyptian Astrology by Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

That line struck me. Just listen. He will describe your relative state of grace (probably through the synchronous and asynchronous events of your life). Are you or are you not channeling the open possibility that is the Spirit?

Listen for his voice amidst the confusion of your human mind. He will guide you towards the resplendent realities of LOVE.

Remember, this doesn't have to do with sentimental feelings. It isn't about trying to whip up good feelings towards your enemies. It especially isn't about you being nice to those who harm you and others. This is about becoming love, which manifests in the mind and body as coherence, integration, well-being. It opens up entirely new vistas and experiences because what you concretize in you and manifest in your life will be different when you are in a coherent state, a state of equilibrium and balance.

This is about changing your being into love and pleasure incarnate. Perhaps the ultimate expression of the sacrament fulfilled in you is literally the outward (material reality of your life) representing the inner grace (flow, dynamic movement, ease) of coherence.

Coherence is a physiological and mental state that is measurable. It is accessed via the introduction of the energy and practice of loving states not as a matter of sentimental sensation about any particular person or thing. Your heart rate variability is different when you access loving states versus fearful ones. As a result, your entire presence, body, mind, and spirit is different.

For a more detailed introduction to coherence (and incoherence) at the physiological level of your nervous system, read Breaking Quarantine. There you will find the tools you need to answer the call of the mystery issued by Nephthys.

In the space of the unknown future that is just waiting for LOVE to author it, you will discover who you can be when you are not who you have always been within incoherent realities (internal and external).

Now take a backward glance at your past (and that of your ancestors). Let all the pain fade away. What does LOVE reveal? Let these revelations change you!

Did you feel that?

Venus, Mercury, the Sun and the Moon are all squaring Mars in Taurus (within varying degrees). Likewise, Saturn is about to form an exact square with Uranus in Taurus (in the 17th of February).

Mars is Seth (the one who actually dismembered Osiris). Uranus (Wadjet) is the lightning strike of transformation. Taurus is Hathor (pleasure, joy, LOVE, nourishment).

Get ready for those strongholds to come crashing down! And your chrysalis? Well, I would definitely start looking for a new habitat.

A butterfly abode! I think it looks something like this:

Do Not Worry

25 “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? 26 Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? 27 Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life[a]?

28 “And why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. 29 Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. 30 If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you—you of little faith? 31 So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ 32 For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. 33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. 34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. ∞ Matthew 6:25-34, the NIV

Now take note:

In the still of the night, TRUE LOVE'S EMBRACE will soon be like an earthquake in the world wrought by trauma.

How can it possibly stand with earth-shattering transformation in the sign of LOVE and ecstasy? How about with a little nudge from uncle Seth (Mars)?

Well, honestly, the world made of trauma can and will stand if you refuse to let it go. So far, I have delivered a whole host of positive reinforcement about this moment in time. That's the singular, solemn WARNING I am here to deliver as you ask yourself about that solemn oath the mystery you are contemplating.

Hint: You can declare that solemn oath with a simple action. Just start drawing question marks over everything that vexes and frightens you, and especially over every outcome you fear.

Oh, and I am not sure what you are supposed to remember about May, but you probably ought to start giving it a good think. You might also consider where you might pick up a few sprigs of clarifying mint (for your crown, of course)

Until soon, much LOVE to you dear.

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