If you want to go quickly, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.
∞ African Proverb

Passion Path Special Community Events, Journeys, and Challenges

You Came to Make Your Mark on History.

The Passion Path® is Here to See that You Make it Fierce and Bright Via Special Events, Journeys, and Challenges!

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Your inner world is littered with the emotional habits of yesterday.

Your creative brilliance is locked up tight in a personality hand-crafted for you by people who didn't know any better.

Your passion, your very aliveness, have been subverted by your past and by the times in which we live.

End Result: Your emotions aren't aligned with your vision and the frustration is about to kill you.  In short, you perpetually feel like "you can dip your foot in the pool, but you can't have a swim." ∞ Howard Jones


Solution: Apocalyptic Passion™!

Over the course of 14 weeks, we will invoke the power of Egyptian alchemy to destroy your tortured inner landscape and unveil your creative brilliance. Together we will journey through 14 emotional experiences and accept each of 14 elemental challenges.

The Apocalyptic Passion™ Facebook group and the invocations are free to all active participants. Weekly group coaching calls will be available to 7 participants for an additional cost (details to follow).

Special Bonus: All Participants Receive a FREE, 30-Minute, Desire Orientation Session!

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Everything from popular culture to dating advice to the codependency literature tells you to need less, ask for less, detach, rely on and love yourself first.

What if all of that is dead wrong?

Come find out!

Join Part II of the Apocalyptic Passion™ Series Today: The Apocalyptic Embrace™ 9-Week Relationship Challenge!

The Facebook group and the basic materials (videos, Facebook Live presentations, and community journals) are FREE to all ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS.

You will receive:

  • Two free videos on attachment theory;
  • The chance to purchase model language for the cord cutting ritual;
  • Immediate access to all the course material on the Goldsmith's Passion Path;
  • Access to the Apocalyptic Embrace™ Facebook group;
  • A FREE community, roundtable discussion regarding attachment challenges and solutions; and
  • The chance to apply to the Apocalyptic Embrace™ LIVE Group Challenge (begins April 22nd).

The LIVE Group Challenge is limited to 5 People! And two spots are already spoken for.

We will be going deeper into attachment theory and using ritual to alter attachment style. Finally, for those enrolled in this advanced program, I will provide 7 weeks of support using heart coherence, EFT, and soul retrieval in the group setting.

Special Bonus: All Participants Receive a FREE, 30-Minute, Desire Orientation Session!

Join RESPITE Today!

A renewed mind and transformed emotions are like secret weapons against the wanton destruction that crisis often brings.

You are afraid, and rightfully so! Your fear got your attention. It made sure you were focussed on the immediacy of the global health and economic crisis we are facing.

But now it is time to move past the fear to think strategically, restore your creativity, and move your nervous system back to homeostasis.

That's why I created RESPITE.

RESPITE is here to help you achieve greater physical, mental, and emotional coherence, release self-defeating habits from your mind and emotions, and achieve greater wholeness within via soul retrieval and integration.

RESPITE is also a community haven where you can feel safe as you hone the power of your mind and emotions.

Finally, RESPITE is a path of self mastery and the benefits will last well beyond our present state of crisis.

Join the FREE Facebook journey today. The Group and weekly Facebook Live instructional videos are free to active participants.

You will also be able to apply to RESPITE LIVE, a 7-week, group coaching experience.

I will only be taking 5 to 7 people for this deeper work. We will use

  • EFT;
  • Heart coherence practices; and
  • Soul retrieval

to achieve greater self mastery, calm in the midst of this storm, and clear decision making, and a more spontaneous relationship with life.

Special Bonus: All Participants Receive a FREE, 30-Minute, Desire Orientation Session!