An artistic image featuring a black butterfly with distinctive golden spots on its wings, poised at the center of a swirling vortex of golden and red particles. The butterfly appears to be emerging from the vortex, symbolizing transformation and rebirth, resonating with themes of dynamic change and natural beauty.

The Ruby Mirror, 2024 Anniversary Collection

Potent Literary Elixirs Strategically Released to Activate the REDSHIFT Renaissance

Digital artwork depicting a coyote-woman hybrid in profile, set within a circular golden frame against a textured backdrop. The woman's side is human-like with a serene expression, while her coyote half boasts striking red and black fur, symbolizing the fusion of human intelligence with animal instinct. Surrounding the frame are golden and bronze fractal patterns on a dark background, evoking a sense of breaking free from the old to reveal the new. Below, dark clouds or rock formations hint at the tumultuous journey of transformation.

Coyote Clever: A Poem About Disintegrating Control

By Rebecka Eggers | November 19, 2016

Naked and in the fold, You must be bold. Leave him. Let him feel the cold. Look your fear of freedom in the face. Marry it up to your grace. You are gold. Wise One. Turn the Wheel.

An evocative image of a confident woman with her arms spread wide, framed within an ornate, circular gold mirror. She stands against a fiery orange backdrop that radiates from behind her, symbolizing strength and passion. To her right, a surreal blend of smoke and lava flows along the rocky terrain, while red petals float in the foreground, adding to the intense, dynamic atmosphere of the scene.

A Love Letter to the Scarlet Women Whose Spirits Refuse to Break

By Rebecka Eggers | May 5, 2015

Deep rouge with a dash of electric sunshine rushing up your back, you are the sun kissed earth that passion called to rise. Your destiny is the summit.

A gorgeous scarlet flower bursting through a mirror surrounded by black lava.

Scarlet’s Flower: Reclaiming Brilliant Desire

By Rebecka Eggers | April 20, 2015

A troubled and inspiring tale that winds its way through my broken will & into the power of my surrender to Scarlet. Scarlet is my own brilliant desire.

Image of a red-toned snake encircling an apple, reflecting in a mirror amidst flames, symbolizing the awakening of desire.

Dangerous Desire: Apocalyptic Passion Awakening

By Rebecka Eggers | February 15, 2015

A personal exploration of what its like to stand on the spot where women’s lives & women’s desire are inherently political & often are considered heretical.

Woman emanating fire walks amidst a volcano. She is pictured within a mirror.

Five Signs You Are Coming Alive

By Rebecka Eggers | April 22, 2014

Is something beginning to stir deep inside you that you simply must express? This is your passion & your potential. You are coming alive with the fierce urgency of now. Find out more!

A black and white tiger coming through a mirror portal

Primal Awakening: Five Signs You Are Ready

By Rebecka Eggers | April 15, 2014

Is something dark, rich, & more than a little taboo calling you into a deeper relationship with yourself? This is the primal invitation. Will you accept it?