A magic pen composes a story from the chaos swirling in the atmosphere.


Watch the Story of The Passionate Warrior Unfurl Like the Wings of the Phoenix, Newly Reborn!

Plot Twists Dead Ahead...


Few choose the abyss on purpose.

Those who do learn to command not just the darkness, but themselves.

The Midnight Mile is the Dark Night of the Soul that commences at 12 o'clock (metaphorically speaking) and peaks in the darkest hour just before dawn (when the Moon has set and the Sun has yet to rise).

The Midnight Mile is the long stretch of night when, deep in the land of her own shifting shadows, the Passionate Warrior takes on the boldest challenge of all:

The banishing of the mirror.

In the final hour of the nightshade, the cold, blank mirror, devoid of reflective light, offers a visual silence.

In this place the symbols unravel and old worlds disintegrate.

The Passionate Warrior loses all external references save one:

The true north of her original vision.

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2024 Is Our Year of Radical ReINvention! Act Now.

2024 Is Our Year of Radical ReINvention! Act Now.

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