Native Rising

∞ A Passion Path® Creation

Exploring the Process of Decolonizing and Unsettling

Warning: This WILL upset your WHITE cultural programming.

I will stand in the hope that for each drop of colonized whiteness I shed as a tear, a drop of Native will rise.

This is a collection of stories and articles about my search, as a white-skinned Native person (by blood, not by culture) from an assimilated family, for the path out of assimilation and back to my roots. It deals with colonization, intergenerational healing, history (from an Indigenous perspective), and the process of understanding and relinquishing the poisonous white fairy tale of godliness, exceptionalism, and freedom. True freedom cannot be built on stolen land and stolen labor. Until we deal with this reality, no one will ever be truly free.

I am writing as someone who holds within my blood both sides of the genocide against Native people and as someone who grew up in an assimilated family. I am healing from the effects of assimilation and from the contextless, inherited, intergenerational trauma of growing up in a family that essentially disowned our heritage and with it, the societal consequences and benefits of that heritage.

Unveiling America’s Darkest “Secrets,” Hiding in Plain Sight

By Rebecka Eggers | Jan 12, 2021

Whether you know these historical realities or not, I am here to tell you that these national secrets must be told, understood, and healed.

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The Cost of My Un-Belonging Is Death

By Rebecka Eggers | Jun 24, 2020

Each soul that gave up the ghost on the killing fields of these United States is a jewel I hold in my heart as family, as the ties of ancestry breaking and knitting themselves back together again, as hope fading and bursting to life anew, as prayers uttered on dying breath, unanswered and yet answered in the reality that we are still here.

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America’s Original Sin: Reflections on the Moment I Lost Abraham Lincoln

By Rebecka Eggers | Jun 10, 2020

But I can damn sure say my reckoning with truth is more than theoretical. It runs bone and blood deep.
I ask of you the same gut wrenching, liberating accountability. Let the truth hit you at the very core of who you are. Let it shred who you have been.

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Living in Different Worlds: Why White People Will Never Fully Understand Racism

By Rebecka Eggers | Jun 8, 2020

Our shared outrage leads many white-skinned people to believe that we now have a shared basis for understanding racism. Find out why this is VERY wrong.

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Filaments of Hope and Redemption in the Valley of the Shadow of Death

By Rebecka Eggers | May 18, 2020

We will find our way back to one another. And if God, if Great Spirit, can take the RED LONGING in my heart and make some good of the evil the conquerors brought to my people by making me, their descendant, a pane breaker, I think they would approve. I think my great grandmother would approve!

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An artistic representation of a woman's face in profile appears in the mirror, emanating tranquility in the process of metamorphosis. She is covered by delicate black butterflies with golden accents, set against a rich tapestry of red flora and dark, ornate patterns. The surrounding fiery motifs suggest the presence of magic and the spirit, while a serene white sun in the smoky sky, symbolizing the steady presence of hope during dawning of a new era. This image artistically embodies the essence of renewal and newfound belonging.

Free Woman, Rooted in Belonging: Awakening Journey

By Rebecka Eggers | Apr 26, 2018

When you belong, you do not take succor with those who mean to exploit you with a shilling’s worth of “love.” You do not bow your eyes at the first sign of trouble either. Instead, you hold that sense of belonging as a warrior’s truth. This can be your truth too! Read more.

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