It has long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them.
They went out and happened to things. ∞ Leonardo de Vinci

2021 Isn't Going to Be Taking Orders from the Status Quo!

And Neither Should You!

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You Came to Make Your Mark on History.

The Passion Path® is Here to See that You Make it Fierce and Bright!

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It's time for you to Rise as the Whole Damn Fire!

2020 was heavy, hard, and heart-rending. 2021 has been a wild, chaotic ride already. But of a different kind!

2021 absolutely won't be taking any orders from the status quo.  And neither should you!

2021 is made of fire. It will be a year of unbridled innovation, collective transformation, and fearless reconstruction. Learn how you can seize the power of this impressive moment!

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Take Off the Mask of Your Trauma!

If you went into the witness protection program, you wouldn't even have to leave town. You are already invisible, hidden beneath the mask of your past. Not even the brightest spotlight could reveal your true identity.

Your mask was long ago stitched of your sorrow. Its threads were made of the things you do, and have always done, to survive. Its grip seems ironclad. But it isn't!

Today you have a powerful tool at your disposal that will help you reveal your true face and the face of your destiny. The Trauma Alchemy Quiz will help you identify how you respond to the intense kind of trauma we are experiencing now. It will also challenge you to shift out of those defenses and into your true identity.

The Trauma Alchemy Quiz and your customized Elemental Challenge are free.

Make Friends with the Transforming Fire of 2021!

Have you heard the longing in your soul, the cry of something you must contribute to this planet before you die? If you have, then you also know that you are being called to a higher plane.

This contribution you are being asked to make is not small or quiet. The voice of your soul keeps you up nights aching for a way and wondering if you have it in you to deliver this gift to humanity. You know you are being asked to make yourself equal to the task at hand; the task of happening to history.

You know that the call of your passion will require more from you than you have ever had to achieve before. This short guidebook will prepare you for the rigors of the refining fire you will inevitably meet on your Passion Path.