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Apocalyptic Passion

Revealing a New Golden Age with Passion's Furious Pen!

Your Apocalyptic Passion is the Ultimate Challenge to Trauma

By Rebecka Eggers | Nov 16, 2019

At the end of the day, if we meet this challenge, we will create the relationship anticipated by Baba Nam Kevalam. We will identify so strongly with love and its ways that we will release entirely the illusory world of exploitation and its universality, and enter into a new world in which only the name of the beloved stands as reality.

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How to Break the Trauma Bond You Have with the President

By Rebecka Eggers | Nov 1, 2019

And this is the one and only lie he needs to make unassailable. This is the grandest of his efforts. He wishes to destroy the checks and balances, or at least give the appearance that he has. In this way, we fall under the spell of our own inessentiality. We fall prey to our sense that it is futile to even attempt real change or to invest in a tomorrow that may never come.

But the key to recovering from any exploitative, toxic, trauma bond is actually to begin to see the glitches in the matrix.

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Breaking the Hold of an Endless Stillness

By Rebecka Eggers | Oct 24, 2019

This will not be any ordinary passion. It will be apocalyptic. It will represent our enlightenment, not by virtue of brute force control of our pain, but by situating the truth of who we really are and how truly powerful we can be right in the heart of our human dilemmas, right in the core of our human frailty, right in the heat of our most difficult emotions.

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Remove the Mask of Your Trauma So You Can Shine

By Rebecka Eggers | Oct 18, 2019

Within traumatic systems, it is entirely possible, maybe even probable, that the most damage isn’t actually done by the perpetrators, but by the so-called, “bystanders.”

These are the people who are complicit. You should be able to look to them for rescue, but you can’t. They have the power to save you, but they don’t.

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How to Activate the Power of YOUR Apocalyptic Passion

By Rebecka Eggers | Oct 14, 2019

If you will listen a little closer, I think you will find another truth waiting to be heard. This unsteady heartbeat is not an extinction cry. It is the nascent, somewhat unsteady, pulse of passion struggling to breathe in the deadly smog of futility. It is the hopeful, still alive future begging to be resuscitated. It is destiny in search of a first responder.

And who but you can place her lips upon the mouth of hope and vitality? Who but you can perform this act of CPR on tomorrow?

No one!

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Passion Incarnate: Claiming the Power to LIVE in the Burning Times

By Rebecka Eggers | Jul 20, 2019

Sit still for a moment and turn these words over deep in your belly:

The Burning Times, The Burning Times, The Burning Times.

What do they mean to your gut?

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The Bonfire of Your Excuses

By Rebecka Eggers | Jul 13, 2019

See that smoke over there?

It’s rising up from the bonfire onto which your excuses have gone to hurl themselves.

They just can’t face life without YOU.

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Passion is a Wonderful Friend and a Dreadful Enemy

By Rebecka Eggers | Jul 12, 2019

Want to see your spiritual and creative gifts turn against you like mutinous, blood-thirsty, cannibal pirates? Ignore your passion. Want to see your emotions eat you for breakfast and then belch up the rotting stench of you before 9 AM every single day? Ignore your passion.

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In the Twilight Embers of Hope We Must Find a Way Forward

By Rebecka Eggers | Jun 22, 2019

Without hope, we are left only with the unraveling of this present moment and the horrors that seem to be multiplying like maggots feasting on the dead. Are we ALL to be among the vermin delicacies consumed by the scavengers?

Or will we dare to rend the veil between where we are now and the realm of promise so cleverly disguised by the madman at the helm?

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